Spring Cleaning your Cleaning Supplies

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Once spring is here we all here the similar Spring Cleaning time theme. It is every where, popular magazines, commercials, blog postings even on the sides of rolling billboards(buses). We are given advice on how to organize our stuff, how to downsize our overflow of stuff, how to re-purpose our old stuff, donate old stuff and more to do with our stuff. We are also given advice on how to Spring Clean our life, budgets and business, You get the point. What I do not see is advice on Spring Cleaning our cleaning supplies.

I mean wouldn't we need to replenish the supplies we have used throughout last summer and what about throughout the winter? I do not know about you but I do not use certain products as much in the winter. For example I barely use Clorox but in the wipe form during the winter. I do not use as many aerosol products as we just choke on them in an enclosed house. I also don't do as deep of a clean as in the summer. Winter is basically maintain cleaning. It's not like you can open the windows and doors and show everything outside for a deep clean.

So my question is why where is all the advice on Spring Cleaning our Cleaning Supplies?

Here is a simple list of what I change out per season:

Cold Weather
Candles-quick smell good for when unexpected guests arrive plus a nice mood setter.
Clorox wipes-great for spills and cleaning in a rush.
Lysol Wipes-germs, germs, germs. need I say more.
Swifter Sweeper- great quick cleaners for floors, walls and ceilings. Yes it cleans it all!
Swifter Duster- Cleans fan blades and knickknacks.

Warm Weather
Aerosol Sprays (cleaners)- For a more in-depth cleaning.
Aerosol Sprays (scents)- Keeps the pretty smell going longer.
Broom/Pan- necessary now that dirt is being tracked in the house.
Clorox (liquid)- For a more in-depth cleaning of toilets, washers and dishwashers.
Daddy Van's Furniture Polish- Bring a freshness back to wooden furniture and cabinets.

For my household winter is about simplicity because we are mostly stuck inside. I do not want to be overwhelmed with chemicals and hard work to keep a house clean. The warm weather is when we are able to open everything up to make it fresh and new again.

In honor of Spring Cleaning and adding cleaning supplies to your arsenal of products for a clean and healthy household; Daddy Van's is offering to giveaway 2 jars of their Certified All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish for 2 lucky winners. Complete the giveaway requirements here to be entered to win.

See my review of this amazing product HERE.

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  1. OH wow how organized are you! I so rarely change out my supplies. I just use them up until they are gone, then they get replaced. Sometimes they dry up and get all clumpy before I even realize it.

    1. I had that problem to many times. Now I change the items up.

  2. I would gladly replace the lemony pledge furniture polish for this natural product.

    I never thought of different products for the season before.

    1. The Sweet Orange Oil Polish smells amazing and it is child and pet safe.

  3. You are so organized! I must admit I pretty much keep the same stuff out each season. As our winter seems to go on forever and dirt is always around with cats. However I love the idea of changing candles! Thanks for visiting me today :) Your site is so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I use the Sweet Orange Oil Polish and I do not need candles or aerosol sprays.

  4. My wife and I just moved to an area where the weather actually gets cold in the winter, so we've never had to think about cleaning routines for different seasons. Your suggestions are perfect, and we appreciate the list of what you use. It makes sense to us, and we can see how spring cleaning is an important event in our new home.

  5. Congratulations on the new home! What an exciting time for you! I am so glad that my list is a help to you and your wife.