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As a newly Official Homeschooling family there are many things that we must complete in order to meet the education requirements of New York State. There are ALOT of curriculums and programs available to choose from. There are also ALOT of free options. We have learnt that we are an eclectic homeschooling family. We don't use programs. We don't get bogged down to workbooks. Basically we find what interests us and we tailor it to fulfill our state requirements.

Now here is the kicker. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M Doing! I have done all the research, talked numerous hours with homeschool mamas, watched hours of YouTube homeschool families, barrowed 100s of library books, been to homeschool gatherings. I'm going through the motions and feel like I am failing. Those around me say I'm doing great. Have you been there?

I needed a way to teach my kids without feeling like I was failing them. I don't have to feel like I'm a pester to those who are willing to help and stop feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of teaching both kids. Which I love doing. So when I saw a post for an at home online co-op in one of my homeschool mom groups, I had to check it out.
Hoeden at Home Online Co-Op is done through Facebook groups. There is no struggling to get the kids dressed, making sure they have all the books and supplies in their bags, no running late, no getting lost trying to find the location. No worries about what they are going to ask you to sign up and do. There are so many benefits to this online co-op. I was warmly enticed but then the cake toppers that sold me.

Safety Protocols 
All lessons are taught through a scheduled 30 minute Facebook Live broadcast in a group that the parent must sign their child up for. Handles (aliases) are used in place of the child's real name. Real names are never used. During the class a child answers questions using their handle. A child can also answer "live" through telecommunications, if only the parent has approved so prior to the class. 

Another safety protocol is password protected webpages. If your child is not able to make the LIVE session, they can watch it within 48 hours on the password protected site. These passwords change randomly for added safety measures. 

Parents are in Control
Each class will supply the parent with a list of needed supplies. So far I have found most books at our local library. They supply printable workbooks and pages (caboodles) that are part of the class. However it is your choice to use them or not. My son is currently signed up for a Dinosaur class. The teacher will be reading the book on Facebook LIVE and going over vocabulary words with him. I am adding dinosaur flashcards, a Dollar Spot workbook, activities and other library books to his learning resources and for his little sister to be involved. 

Certificate of Completion
Hello! I love this idea! My kiddos have a certificate binder they love to share these would be a fun addition. Having certificates of completion from a co-op will also be a great addition to my sons review binder at the end of the year. Certificates are optional. Each class will supply you with a recitation and project to complete in order to receive a certificate of completion. My sons requirements for his Solar System class is to recite the planets in order and make a planet mobile of his own design. When the child completes these requirements, you private message the Records Manager the video or picture of your child's work. She sends you a certificate to print. Pretty simple and your kiddo isn't posted on Facebook if you don't want them to be.

I think this half of the school year is going to go smoother with less stress from this mama. I signed up for $5 for our whole family with unlimited classes. This price will be changing once 1,000 families have signed up. Amazing deal. Head on over to Hoeden at Home to check out more information. Tell them that Deb from Crossing New Bridges sent ya.

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