Pumpkin Carving With Vita

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When asked what my favorite season is I have to say fall. I love the smell of fallen leaves in the crisp morning air, a warm cup of pumpkin spice flavored coffee in my hand, the feel of cozy soft sweaters and fuzzy socks and the joy of baking fresh apple pies and carving pumpkins with the family. Oh how fall is here and the festivities have begun!

This past weekend, my family went to our favorite family friendly farm that offers a variety of locally grown fresh season changing produce. We love taking the kids to sample the fruits; pet the animals, play in the children’s sections, and smell the flowers while purchasing amazing foods. This trip we were on a mission to find perfect pumpkins to carve.
Before heading home, we had to make a quick...three-hour stop at the park! We played on swings, the teeter-totters, and the spin around, slides, ate snacks and got dirty in the sandbox. We took pictures in the oversized Adirondack chair and collected leaves. It was finally time to head home after mommy's motion sickness became too much and the trash can received her previously eaten snacks. I am not sharing the photo of that! The hubs thought it needed to be documented (insert eye roll emoji here).
Arriving home, we found a package on the doorstep. The package contained a stainless steel pumpkin carving tool set from Vita For Home. The kit includes a Pumpkin Scooper, Pumpkin Carving Knife Saw and Etching Tool. The weight of the tools and the thickness of the solid handles surprised me.
In the past, we have always used the plastic pumpkin carving kits that are on sale at the local pharmacy or Walmart. We struggle though poking holes into the pumpkins with the tools just to have them snap off, tips bend or the "special design tool" becomes stuck in the pumpkin. That is when the fun begins... The "special design tool" is stuck in all the way to the bottom of the handle. You pull with all your might. Nothing. You try over and over again. Then you think, "I need leverage!" Putting the pumpkin on the floor, placing a foot against the pumpkin your get both hands on the "special design tool" and begin pulling. Nothing! You try again and again and again. Swear is now beading on your forehead. You look like a crazed person on a bad sugar high after eating a bowl of Halloween candy. The kids think you have lost your mind and after laughing at your struggle your husband decides to finally help, you remove the stupid tool. His reason..."you’re starting to scare the kids!"
Not this year! These AWESOME pumpkin-carving tools with stood the abuse we gave them. The Pumpkin Scooper was my favorite! I usually end up losing a soup spoon or two after everybody uses them to scrape and remove the fibrous strands of the pumpkin (known as pumpkin guts in our house). The Stainless Steel Scooper in the kit from Vita For Home has serrated edges on the rounded part that ripped right through the pumpkin guts. This left the inside of the pumpkin cleaner than any of our past pumpkins.
We were able to use the Pumpkin Carving Knife Saw to cut open the pumpkins instead of using one of my kitchen knives. The kids drew on their faces and daddy easily cut out the designs. There was no sticking, bending or breaking of tools. I used the Etching Tool to thin down the pumpkin meat in the openings. We like to really see the candle light. We have found if you thin down the pumpkin meat around the opening it allows for more light to shine through without altering the desired design.
We ended the night by baking some pumpkin cookies and the pumpkin seeds. We read some pumpkin themed books and enjoyed a night of cuddles and laughs. 
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For added fun Vita For Home is sponsoring an Instagram Pumpkin Carving Contest. 
Contest Rules:
1. Must submit a photo of a pumpkin (of course!) 
2. All entries must either be published to instagram with @VitaForHome tagged and hashtags:
OR the contestant can email their submissions to hello@vitaforhome.com
3. The winner will be announced on November 20th so contestants will have time to participate even after Halloween.
4. The prize is a $200 Amazon Gift Card
We hope you have carving pumpkin fun with your family and friends and sharing those moments with us.

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