Family Learning with Logic Roots

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As most of you know we decided that we were going to full-time homeschool with our kindergartener and toddler through the summer. the majority of our family and friends thought we had lost our minds.
"Seriously! It's the summer!" -Yes it is and we want our kids to retain the things they have been learning.
"Are you crazy" -Get asked this a lot but nope not crazy.
"Why are you keeping them from being kids?" -You can trust that our kids do not lose out on any kid fun.
In the end we felt it would be more beneficial for our kids to retain their learnt skills by using fun games and activities than for them to struggle remembering at the beginning of the next school year.

So when I was contacted to take a look at Logic Roots number game called Outnumber and Dr. Math memory cards, I was completely excited. What a fun way to help my kindergartener keep his skills on level. The fun and bright colored cards looked fun also for my toddler.
As we waited for the math game and cards to arrive we checked out Logic Roots website for first grade math worksheets. The worksheets are beautifully colored which the kids both loved right away. The story based worksheets cover Addition, Subtraction, Counting, Sequencing, Comparison, Ascending and Descending Numbers and so much more.

My husband was able to download a bunch of different skill pages for free and saved them to our tablet. Our son can then open the page in Microsoft Paint to complete the task. He really loves dinosaurs so this had to be the first worksheet he completed. When he is done with the page he just closed the program and the worksheets are there for a later time to use them again.
Once the package arrived with the number game called Outnumber and memory cards the kids and I took time to open the boxes and explore what we would be playing with. My toddler loves the colors of the cards of the number game. She also loves the number people, 9 is her favorite. She has been named Miss Preeeetty. My son likes the graphics for the written number words. I enjoy the fact that different forms of the number is present such as word, numerical and imagery.
With these cards I am able to work on number recognition, comparison, one to one correspondence with my soon to be first grader. With my toddler I can work on color recognition, object recognition, imagination play and counting. The best part about the cars is that they are a thick cardboard not the normal card material so they hold up to her rougher playing.
Bonus Activity 1: For our toddler my husband brought out the magnet letters and had her match them to the number cards.

Bonus Activity 2: We had our son match all forms of the number in a pile. For example for the number one he found the written form, image form and numerical form cards and stacked them. He did this for each number in the game.
How cute is the little Einstein looking character! The Dr. Math Memory Cards come in a box of 25 packed with facts about :
  • 2D Shapes 
  • 3D Shapes 
  • Analog/Digital Clock
  • Number Names
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Times Tables 
  • Place Values
  • Time
  • Days of The Week
  • Days of The Month
As we went through the Dr.Math cards we were impressed with what our son does know. He is entering 1st grade in the fall and has not officially learnt most of these math concepts. However we at home do add in fun games and activities from the higher grades to strengthen his skills and thought processing. Since getting these cards from Logic Roots we have been able to focus our homeschooling efforts onto what he will be doing in class this year.

Over all the kids enjoyed these two math games preferring the silly numbers from Outnumber and different options to use them. I on the other hand preferred the Dr. Math Memory Cards because it gave me specific directions as to what my son needs to know for first grade.

I highly suggest you check out Logic Roots webpage. They have so many amazing resources. For family fun night Logic Roots offered numerous board games to help reinforce your child's skills and build confidence while having fun. There are multiple DIY math projects parents can do at home along with tips for parents to help their child with test taking. And let's not forget about the free downloadable worksheets. Lastly, Logic Roots also offers a Math app called Mathaly. Mathaly is a skills building app that begins at first grade level and continues to fifth grade. The bonus part...parents are part of the learning experience. parents set learning goals, have access to how the child is doing through the app and have the ability to offer free workbook extras for those areas their child needs more work on.

As a parent who does supplemental homeschooling with my first grader I believe the app in itself is worth looking at Logid Roots site. However enjoy the amazing games with your family to keep learning fun and keeping family connected.

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