Valentine's Day Recap A.K.A. Family Appreciation Day

10:40 AM

We Don't do Valentine's Day! We do Family Appreciation Day! I wrote about why we as a family do not prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day but instead celebrate Family Appreciation Day.
We began our family fun by flinging kisses. Hershey kisses that is. We had taken clear plastic spoons and colored them with our favorite colored sharpie. Once the spoons dried, each person got a handful of kisses. There was no score keeping or competing. The goal was to hit the cardboard target.
The next game we played was Popping Pom Poms. We made shooters by cutting toilet paper rolls in half. The two halves were slide inside each other. Then we took balloons; tied a knot in the end, then cut off the top of the balloon. The open end of the balloon was then stretched over the toilet paper roll. We used electrical tape to secure the balloon in place. We took aim at the target and not one of use was able to hit the target. 
We spent over a half hour just playing these two games. We flung kisses and we popped kisses. We flung pom poms and popped pom poms. We played until daddy could not refuse the temptation of the flashy silver wrappers and started eating our kisses.
Next, we took our Appreciation boxes off the wall and sat together and looked inside. Each box had simple cut out hearts that said each family member loved each person
Included in each box was a neat pouch. The pouch had a self-inflating balloon. You punch the pouch to activate a chemical reaction. The pouch starts growing until it pops open and a little balloon emerges. The balloons are cold to the touch until the chemicals inside are fully dissolved and the balloon is inflated. (Found 4 in a pack for $1 at Dollar Tree). This simple little package amused the kids and daddy the most!
We decorated the table with left over supplies from the Spider-Man Birthday Party. A red tablecloth set the background. My son said, "Spider-Man napkins were a must because they are red." I used conversation heart washcloths as place mats. (I picked up 4 boxes of 6 washcloths a few years ago on sale for $0.10 a box). The fabric petals were from the same sale $0.15 a box. We hung streamers from the light fixture over the table along with paper hearts my son cut out.
We put out homemade cookies we made and homemade trail mix. For dinner, we had Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Soup. To top of the special occasion, we popped a cork on a special bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice.

We ended this fun filled evening with some of the homemade snacks on the couch bundled in blankies while watching Frozen. This was a very successful and fun evening if I say so myself.

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