We DON"T do Valentine's Day

11:42 AM

I am one of those moms who LOVES to do some type of activity and decoration for holidays. However my husband is more of the "yup it's another day" type of person. Having kids has not so much changed his views but has loosened his hesitancy towards getting involved, which I have to admit...I take advantage of this fact!

Valentine's Day is the major "I Don't Wanna Do It" holiday for my husband. He sees Valentine's Day as another way for business' to make money from the love that should be shown daily to your partner, family and friends. As the numerous commercials would lead you to believe that if you do not buy a diamond you do not love your wife. trying to break that thought process we came up with Family Appreciation Day.
We are DIYers. If we can fix it, make it or re-purpose it, we love it. Therefore, We came up with some crafts and activities we can do to show each family member that we appreciate them. We are doing all handmade gifts that must fit in the appreciation boxes we decorated.

The Appreciation Boxes originally held snack bars, crackers and breakfast bars. The hubs spray-painted the boxes white for a "clean" surface to decorate. We brought out markers, stencils, ribbon, pipe cleaners, glue sticks and paper. Each family member made his or her own appreciation box to his or her own liking. 

The best part of this activity was that we did it as a family. Although my daughter is too young to decorate her box, she was included. She sat in her highchair playing with the ribbons. My son was able to work on his scissor skills. My husband was involved in an activity he did not completely love but was still being involved because of his love for his family. I loved the fact that everybody was involved because we appreciate that we have ability to be together doing a simple craft.

We DON'T do Valentine's Day...We do Appreciation Day!!!

Check out how we Celebrated Family Appreciation Day

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