Spider-Man Birthday under $100

1:26 PM

As a mom of two awesome children ages five years and six months budget friendly activities are necessary. Birthday celebrations are fun but they must be under $100. 

My son just celebrated his 5th birthday and of course, he wanted a Spider-Man theme, what little boy wouldn't! This party consisted of 20 guests.

Start Planning Early. I start planning for celebrations at least four months before the date. I figure out a theme and then search for all types of inspirations on the big ol' World Wide Web. 

Use Simple Base Colors. Spider-Man's main colors are red and blue. Detail colors are black, white and yellow. We chose red and blue for tablecloths and paper products for an easier match to the character items we purchase.

Use Coupons. Places like Party City are a great source for supplies. They offer coupons through their royalty program and email specials. I saved 20% on our entire purchase of gifts, candy and wrap.

Shop Dollar Stores. You would be surprised what you will find in your theme. 98% of my son's Spider-Man Birthday decorations, paper products, favor bags and gifts were purchased at Dollar Tree. I suggest going to different Dollar Trees as not all items are the same at each store.

Stock Up. I personally buy more supplies than I need. I recommend buying one extra package of paper plates, cups, plastic utensils (clear), and tablecloths. These items are solid colors that can be saved for another celebration. I have been able to put together quick and "free" celebrations at the last minute from the extra supplies. I bought one extra package of cups, plates and two tablecloths. These will be going towards our after Christmas Christmas Party.

Sprinkle the Expensive Stuff. This is where most of your budget is going to go and quickly! The big-ticket items like piñatas if you don't make it yourself is close to $20. The cake was our most expensive purchase. A half sheet yellow cake with Spider-Man theme and a Spider-Man toy cost $35.00 from Price Chopper.

This is how our $100 was spent…..

Tableware $14 (all dollar Store items with Spider-Man theme)
Decorations $8 (all dollar Store items with Spider-Man theme)
Favor Bags $9 (all dollar Store items with Spider-Man theme & Party City candy)
Gifts $20 (dollar Store items with Spider-Man theme & Party City items)
Cake $35
Pizza $12
Salad $0 friend made
Ice Cream $0 friend brought
Kool aid $0- had it

In total we had a pretty awesome Spider-Man themed Party for 20 people and it only cost us $98!!! 

This Birthday Boy is still claiming "This is the best birthday ever"!!!

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