5th Trimester of Pregnancy...The Me-mester

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There is a new term I came across for the postpartum period after having a baby. It is called the 4th Trimester. The 4th Trimester is defined as the time between baby's birth to three months of age. This time is when mom bonds with baby and learns to live life as a mom. I am in the 5th Trimester! Yes, I am making it a thing! My daughter is six months old and I am still trying to adjust to being a full-time mom. 

Here is a little background for you. We experienced a few incidents that really turned our family upside down. A week before our miracle baby was born.,, I know what you are thinking...OH YEAH here is another woman claiming to have a miracle baby!!

Our daughter truly is a miracle!  For the past 15 years, I have had multiple miscarriages and a recently a stillbirth. During my pregnancy with my daughter we almost lost her alongside her twin. Thankfully, the doctors were able to save her numerous times during my pregnancy. My pregnancy was filled with surgeries, complete bed rest and weeks of hospitalization. She is our miracle!

Back to the week before my daughter's birth. I was 37 weeks pregnant and had been released from bed rest and wait for our baby to arrive. The husband and I had planned to go camping to encourage our daughter’s arrival. He had left our house to borrow carracks to put our kayaks on for an impromptu camping trip. As the hours ticked away, I tried calling his cell to make sure he was on his way home. I received a call from our friend. At 10 P.M., I was informed my husband was on his way to the hospital with serious injuries from a drunk driver hitting our car at excessive speeds. My husband who was an active player in our church’s softball team and never sat still now suffers with complications from having two vertebrate pressing on his spinal cord.

The following week our miracle was born with little complications. We went home 48 hours later. While adjusting to new difficulties and a newborn we were informed that, we were FINALLY getting full custody of my 4-year-old stepson. A completely new set of struggles and adjustments needed to be figured out.  This all occurred during the time frame defined as the 4th Trimester.
Therefore, I am proclaiming a 5th Trimester. The 5th Trimester is going to be all about me! I am going to find five ways to a better me.

1. Love myself. During this time, I am going to find a new me. So much has happened in the past 6 months that I barely know whom I am and what I want to be when I grow up. I need to become reacquainted with myself. Forgiving myself when I just can’t squeeze in another story, not feel guilty when holding my daughter is not enough to calm her. I am going to find three loving and positive things about my mothering skills each day.

2. Get Fit. I know it sounds cliché’ but I feel better when I am healthier. I gained close to 60 pounds during my pregnancy and 20 of that is hanging around trying to keep residency on my hips and rear-end. Seven months of complete bed rest also did major damage to my muscles making them much weaker.

3. Find Me Time. Mother is synonym for busy. However, I find it more difficult to fine me time with my husband still trying to heal and trying to find new ways to compensate for where he can’t do what he used to accomplish in matter of minutes.  Having a newborn, a 5 year old and a healing hubs is like being a single parent at times. I am professing to take time to enjoy a bubble bath once a week, read a full article uninterrupted once a day and have 10 minutes during the day to hide in my room to decompress. Even as I type I have been interrupted numerous times. I am working on hour four of trying to complete this post.

4. Get Involved. I used to be involved in classes, groups and volunteering. I loved feeling as if I belonged among the living. While being pregnant all these things slipped away. I now feel like I only get out for doctor appointments and grocery shopping. I plan to become more involved once again.

5. Figure Out My Future. What do I want to be when I grow up? I know I want to be the best mom and wife I can be. That is a given. I believe by accomplishing the previous tasks I will figure out my life path. Do I go back to college and finish my few needed classes? Do I make blogging my income source? Do I focus on making my jewelry collections? What does my future entail?

This blogger’s dream has forever been to become a mommy! With God’s Grace, this dream has become a reality. I have been blessed with an amazing family and never once do I take that for granted, however everybody needs to know they are more. The 5th Trimester is going to be my come back trimester!

What are some ways you refound yourself after pregnancy? Share in the comments.

P.s. It took four and a half hours of interrupted time to complete this post.

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  1. oh bess you, yes, you do sound as if you need to get a little you time to relax a little. What a journey you've had, it was a real emotional read so in reality it must of taken it out of you. Really lovely post:)

    mainy - myrealfairy


    1. Thank you! My journey was set like this for a reason.I will be adding more posts about how I am bringing me time back.

  2. What a lovely post! I have to say that I'm still trying to accomplish all of the above and i gave birth to my son 3 and half years ago and my daughter 18 months ago... I'll get there and I'm sure you will too.


    1. One day at a time I am getting a little closer to some of my goals!

  3. Oh you have been through so much. Try not to rush it and take one step at a time. You will hopefully find that once you start one thing then it will spiral and you'll achieve lots of little bits. Take care. Thanks for linking #ABrandNewDay

    1. I am working on just starting getting back into an exercise routine again to start getting back to me.

  4. Congratualtions on your miracle baby! I cant imagine how amazing life must feel for you now that you finally have that baby in your life. It sounds like you have had a challenging few weeks, but it also sounds like you have a great plan for putting some of the focus back on you. Its so important not to lose our sense of self when we become parents and have so much more going on. I love sound of the 5th trimester and will definitely be trying to put some focus back on me too :-) Emily #DreamTeam

  5. Ah this is lovely Deb! The Me-Mester should absolutely be a thing :-) I was shocked when I had E 15 months ago how long it took to adjust to my new role as mum. And all the things you mention - me time, getting fit, being kind to yourself - is so important. I'm still finding my way with it all but we'll all get there with time. Thanks for linking up with the #dreamteam xx