Bottle Play

4:02 PM

As an impromptu activity to keep the 5 y/o busy, I had him put items in empty water bottles for his 6 m/o sister. Sounds simple enough right!  RIGHT. It was too simple to just fill them with objects of my choice. This would have taken a whole two minutes for him to do.

Therefore, I gave him free rein of my craft room supplies and made filling the bottles a little harder by having him find objects that fit into the list of descriptions I made.

1. Something red and round
2. Bright colored
3. Something you see every day
4. Something with multiple holes
5. Sparkly
6. Pretty

For something red and round my son chose red pom-poms that he had to sort out of a recycled mayo container with multiple colored pom-poms.
He chose three sizes of neon colored plastic beads for bright colored. He said, “Sissy needs pretty.”

For something, you see every day he ran to his room and grabbed his container of gold rocks that his dad spray-painted as a gift for Christmas. “I see these every day; can I give some to sissy this way?” He tries at least once a week to play gold mining with sissy and we have to explain she is too little to play with the gold,

He chose buttons for something with multiple holes and then proceeded to count every hole in each of the buttons.

For Sparkly, I thought he would have poured glitter into the plastic bottle. He surprised me by shyly grabbing my box of red glitter glass beads. I nodded my head and he beamed with complete happiness. I usually have a hands of policy with my glass  beads as I make my jewelry with these.

Pretty was a very open description because what I think of as pretty he does not always agree with. When he chose the fabric flower petals, I was intrigued with his choice. I had to know why he picked the petals.

He said, “Because girls always like it when you give them flowers.”
Smiling I asked “and how do you know this?”
“Daddy told me, but you don’t.”
“I don’t?”
“Nope you like tools.”

I totally love this kid and his father! I do prefer tools over flowers.

After putting the items in different bottles and sealing the lids with glue, he was able to give them to his sister. They played with the bottles for over an hour together.

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