Destructive Play

10:56 AM

Destructive Play

My daughter quietly slumbered in her slow swaying swing while I began re-nesting cups, re-stacking the multicolored tower, and placing connecting rings in a small bucket. My on looking husband watched with a confused expression.

"Why are you putting everything back together when she is just going to destroy them when she wakes up?"

My response confused him even more...."Because by her destructively playing, she is learning."

My husband is now looking at me as if I have gone insane. 

Therefore, I go on to explain how Destructive Play is teaching our daughter more than just making a mess.

When she pulls over the bin to dump the toys, bending over to reach for the toys she is working on her Gross Motor Skills. Picking up one toy at a time and examining it works on her Fine Motor Skills.
She is using Hand-Eye Coordination every time she grabs a toy and tries to place them in the small bucket or the big toy bin this also helps her learn Problem Solving by seeing how the cups fit together. 

My husband’s response was a simple head shake; "So much is being accomplished in simple play."

"Just think she learns all this and more when she plays with her brother." 

Brother works on all these skills too when playing with sissy. As brother plays with her toys, she is learning Observation Skills and learning how the toys connect and go together. She and brother learn Team Working Skills.

“The best part of all this Destructive Play is that it tiers both the kids out!”

This is the moment our sleeping daughter decided to wake up and struggled against the swing restraints to get to her freshly organized toys. Which both children gladly destroyed without any hesitation.

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