Glider Made Safe

12:37 PM

Safe Glider Redo
Cleaning my son's room was supposed to be just that. Thinning out toys he has outgrown or that have broken was the plan. Somehow, it became a re-purposing and reorganizing 2-hour event.

During the thinning out part my son decided he no longer wanted the old glider chair in his room. His sound reasoning was that he could not rock in it because it falls backwards. Because of this reason he couldn't take it away from the corner we placed it in.  Therefore, we agreed it was time to get rid of the old glider chair. Daddy told us if we put the glider on the back porch, he would break it down and burn it.

Instead of just putting the glider on the back porch, I thought, Gross Motor Skills! I set my son in front of the glider I turned on its side, gave him a screwdriver and let him get to work (after I loosened the screws). As the glider, part of the chair was disassembled and the pile of screws, wood and washers grew, so did my son's excitement.

As we bagged up the glider pieces to put on the back porch, my son sits in the chair. 
"Can I keep it?" 
"And what are we going to do with the chair?" 
"I can sit in it and read."

So we covered the cushions with his blue camo blanket and slid it between his bed and bookcase.

This was a fun and simple revamp. We made the Glider safe and usable and what little boy does not like to destroy things! 

He said "the most-est awesome-est" part of taking the glider apart was using my purple tools because "even daddies aren’t allowed to use them".  This is a completely true comment. I find it funny the things that kids notice!

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