Weightloss Journey - week 11

2:11 PM

June 11 -17

Saturday we spent the day with friends bbqing and playing on go-carts. I also rode in a street-racing car. I have not gone at speeds of 120 mph since a drunk driver smashed my Mitsubishi Eclipse almost a year ago.

Sunday we woke up with stiff neck and arm muscles. Our legs were wobbly and our backs were screaming at us. I say as my hubs and I both were in bad shape, too much fun from the night before. We stayed in bed most of the morning sharing the heating pad wearing our matching TENS Units while the baby played between us. The day was spent babying our aching bodies.

Monday was a day of no complaints even though we both had many. Our bodies were still sore. We were offered some rocks and boulders for our rock garden. The thing was we had to pick them so we spent all day picking 3 truckloads of rocks to bring back to our house. It reminded me of being a kid and having to pick rocks out of the fields each spring.

Tuesday I placed some of the rocks where I wanted them. The kids and I got to watch daddy play a double header with his church softball team.

Wednesday I pampered my hubs due to an aching body from the night before. I finished moving boulders to line my rock garden. By time I was done, I felt like I did a million sit-ups. My entire body got quite a workout.

Thursday I rested.........

Friday morning was spent in the front yard watering plants and playing with the kids. We spent the rest of the afternoon inside due to the heat. We dropped my stepson off to him mom for his weekend visit. We dropped the baby off to a friend. We took a beautifully scenic 100 mile motorcycle ride from New York to Pennsylvania. We have not been able to ride with no destination since before I became pregnant with our daughter. Sunday is our 5th Wedding Anniversary so we decided to take time to ourselves today because Sunday is going to be hectic to find a sitter. We had to stop numerous times because my feet would hurt from the vibrations through the foot pegs and my husband’s neck and arm muscles were hurting from the vibrations through the bike handles. He has not fully recovered almost a year after a drunk driver hit him. We saw an Adirondack chair big enough for the Jolly Green Giant to sit in. In Pennsylvania, we also saw a fireworks store advertising they were having a sale. Across the street was a gun store sign advertising an ammo and gun blowout sale. Something you would not see in New York! We shared a sub and headed back home. We literally had to find things to do to stall getting out daughter early. We bought some ice cream to eat in the park. Finally, we just had to get our daughter. We had an unlimited time on the sitter and we struggled to hold out for barely 4 hours. We ended the night at a street racers car show. Which is ironic since street racing is illegal in New York. Basically, we saw souped up cars sitting in a parking lot.

This week was spent with a lot of family time. I think as busy families summer time allows us to slow down on all the scheduled activities to spend more time together. Nothing is more important or has such an impact on a child than spending quality time as a family.

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