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Daddy's Photobook
The team at Nowvel has almost 15 years of experience creating family themed photo books. In the spring of 2015, the Nowvel team made it their mission to make creating a photobook more user friendly. They built web tools and an iPhone app that allows users to easily load their photos from their computer, iDevices, Facebook and Instagram. The Nowvel software automatically places photos in the book of your choice and then you edit the collages to your liking.

I answered a Blogger Wanted post from the Nowvel team. I was asked to use their new software to create a photobook to my liking. I am now sharing the experience with you.

I went to
(apple app)and chose the 11x11 Square Hard Cover Photo Book with Single Cover Photo. I clicked the Create Your Photobook button.

Here I was given the option to upload photos from my computer, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook and Google. I first chose Facebook. I load any pictures I want to keep to Facebook and create albums that only I can see just for printing. However here I ran into a problem. I emailed the gentleman I was working with for this review and he told me that Facebook compresses photos when they are loaded. Therefore, the photobook software would not allow most of my photos because they were compressed to less than 850 pixels. The great news about this was this was fixable. I created a new folder on my desktop to download all the photos I wanted. I then resized them and easily loaded the entire folder with the Nowvel software.

This is where the software automatically loaded my photos into the photobook I chose. I was able to rearrange them into the arrangement I wanted. Some pages I placed one photo and others I placed six photos. I was able to choose from multiple collage options. I also wrote some sayings on a few pages.

As I reviewed the photobook, I was able to change the theme. From the numerous options, I chose “We heart Dad”. I was able to choose a picture for the cover and write a title. The title also prints on the binding.

On the back of the photobook, I was able to choose four pictures for the last collage and wrote another statement. The completed photo book is 11x 11 hard covered with 78 pictures on 28 pages.

I then was able to email a link to the gentleman I was working with for his review. He confirmed the book was as I wanted and sent my link for printing. I received the printed photo book a week later.

I have to be completely honest when I say that I was surprised at the quality of the book. The Cover is printed in a matt finish. The pages are thick and coated to help protect against damage (baby-wet fingers, toddler sticky fingers and husband greasy fingers) found this out first hand.

Since the photobook arrived a week before Father’s Day my stepson could not wait to give his dad the book. We quickly found a gift bag and ribbon to place the photo book in before dad came back from the grocery store.

Once my husband arrived home, and came in from the garage, we gave him his gift bag. This is where I found out about the page coating saving the book from baby- wet fingers, toddler sticky fingers and husband greasy fingers. My husband loved his personalized photo book that said we love dad on the front. He loved the personalized statements and the quality of the book.

Working with the Nowvel team was a delight to work with they were friendly, informative and prompt in their replies. The photobook software was easy to use which made this experience fun. Thank you to the Nowvel team for the opportunity to review your photobook software.

As a bonus offer everyone gets a free 4x4 pocketbook printed on luxurious lay flat paper it is very cute and premium. Did I mention it is free!

 Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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  1. I always want to hive presents as soon as they are ready! Especially if handmade. Once I made a date book on Christmas Eve. It took me all afternoon and all my restraint not to give it to hubby that night! Lol! Love the photo book.

  2. We shop for Christmas all year round and hide the gifts. It is hard when you know you have something that goes with a moment you are in but you have to leave it alone.

  3. So cute!! Awesome idea for an any time gift!

  4. This would make such a lovely gift wouldn't it?! Lovely review thanks for sharing. #Abrandnewday

  5. What a lovely sentiment for 'dad'. Lots of treasured moments. Great review and thanks for linking up to #abrandnewday

  6. This sounds great and like something my partner would like! #ABrandNewDay

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