Weightloss Journey - Week 6

1:08 PM

May 7-13

Saturday was a day to enjoy the sun and wilderness. I went to a local State Park to pick up my husband from his week-long “Quit Smoking” trip. Which we are saddened to say cold turkey did not work. Therefore, Monday we will call his doctor and see what we can do for medications to help him. We walked the trails. He had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast as I had a Double Chocolate Protein Shake. I had an Orange Electrolyte drink to help keep my sugars in check while walking around. For lunch, I had a Vanilla Protein Shake while the hubs ate a ham and cheese sandwich. Once home he mowed the lawn as I walked our daughter around the yard and driveway in her Cozy Coup. Then we rushed off to the park to play on the slides while waiting for BBQed turkey breast and veggies. I tell you I have never had so much energy. My body was telling me it was getting tired but I had so much energy I could not sit still.

Sunday was a relaxed Mother’s Day. However, I rolled around and played with the kids as if I have not done in a long time.

Monday I walked a half mile with the baby in her stroller; I lifted my 5-pound weights and rolled around on my Yoga Ball. We took the kids to the local food market and Amish store and talked about foods, how it is grown and processed. Then I died! The protein shakes I started taking make me feel like I can run a marathon, however my body cannot keep up.

Tuesday was a day of relaxation as my body was super soar. I did catch up on some Linky Parties, paper work for my business, made 9 business calls, messaged 5 potential business opportunities and wrote a sermon for a wedding I am performing in a few weeks. Yeah mentally, I was on my game. Physically I was wrapped in jammies and blankies cause I was cold, stiff and miserable. I did however do a little walking at my hub’s Church Softball game.

Wednesday I was so stiff I had to take multiple hot showers to loosen my body up. After having the baby’s early head start teacher here and playing balls with sissy, I took a small stroll around my driveway with the kids. They played in the yard while I sat in my chair muscles screaming at me. Physically I had a ton of energy but my body was too sore to do much. That evening I took another short stroll while visiting with family.

Thursday my hub received his nicotine patches so we strolled around the yard quite a few times when he had a craving to smoke. We had a day spent outside with the kids. Since starting my protein shakes I have been keeping a log of my blood sugar levels and have found that they are evening out and are more consistently between 90-110. This is great news! I am weighed tomorrow!

Friday we spent the morning at home catching up on household chores. The hubs worked on the dishes, I did laundry while brother cleaned his room and bathroom. I tried a new mix with my protein shake. I usually do plain water. I added coffee to it! I became the energizer bunny! No joke! My energy level went through the roof! I was cleaning circles around the guys. I had my daughter in her chest carrier while I scrubbed, organized, washed and cleaned the crap out of the house. At one point I was dancing while vacuuming, baby was loving it. My hub’s actually asked me what medication I was on! That afternoon we went to a family activity day and made crafts, planted seeds, molded play dough, finger painted and a few other fun activities. I then got weighed and found I have lost another 3 pounds since starting the protein shakes a week ago. We ended the night with a movie marathon. The hubs and I stayed up for 3 movies! We usually can’t get through one before passing out. Man the coffee was a great add to my shake!

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  1. Brilliant, it sounds as though you are doing well with the diet, and that you are having more good days than bad days with your mobility and other problems!! You have been super busy, and super active!! I hope that your husband can manage to kick the smoking habit, but it must be hard when it's so addictive... Let us know how the weigh in went, and I hope your body can keep up with your energy levels!!

    1. I had lost 3 pounds. The hubs is doing great with kicking the cigs.