Happy Sibling

11:21 AM

Happy Sibling

I love to watch these two play together! Sissy loves to play in brothers room because he has so much more in there than in her room. He has a table to climb up too, a reading corner with an old mattress, blankies and cuddlies to play with and so many toys that she can slobber up. She is happy most when she can be near brother.

Thankfully brother tolerates her constant attention very well. However now that she can travel through out the house more freely we make sure that brother gets time to himself so he can unwind and do what he wants.

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  1. How lovely that she wants to be with her brother. Our little lady wants everything her brother has. That can be fun! #SaturdaySiblings

    1. He takes it well, but there are days1

  2. Ahhh lovely! My little girl is obsessed with her brother's room... cheeky chops! Thank you for joining in with #saturdaysiblings!

  3. What a brilliant expression! My littest also heads straight for her brother's room, first opportunity! Thanks so much for sharing with #saturdaysiblings ☺