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There are days when these two are so full of raw energy that I am barely keeping up with them. I wish I could bottle that energy and drink it in place of my coffee. However there are days that it is tooooo quiet and mom must go check on them.

I found this a little time ago when looking in on the quiet lil cuties! 

What a wonderful thing that happens when you have to read the same book a million times. They share it with their siblings!

(Baby 6 months and Brother 5 years)

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  1. How lovely! It's wonderful when you catch those unexpected moments with them interacting ir sharing something, isn't it? Thanks so much for linking with our first #SaturdaySiblings - it means a lot! ☺

  2. That is super sweet! I love catching the little ones interacting with each other - especially when Toby is showing Edie how to do something because he has only just started. Thank you for linking up with us over at #saturdaysiblings x

  3. What a lovely moment to capture. I'm with you on the energy thing, I have never known this tired! #SaturdaySiblings

    1. Thankfully I have found an awesome protein shake that has helped increase my energy levels!