Weightloss Journey - Week 5

9:31 PM

April 30- May 6

To be completely honest this week was filled with appointments, school drop offs and pickups. I did not get in my exercising as I planned. I did pull in two extra laps around the local Walmart while doing monthly household and baby shopping. I also parked in the farthest spot I could find when at the grocery store and purposely walked an extra lap around the store. I ended the week with a hike in the woods with the family. Thank you Baby Trend for making the jogging all terrain stroller!

This week was an emotionally and physically draining week of memorializing my angel daughter’s 2nd birthday and my dad’s 67th. They were buried together on Mother’s Day 10 years apart. then had to deal with some ignorant people and their remarks about my Angel's photo.

I did however vow to make some big changes in my exercise routine and diet. I am starting a new week on a fresh page. I am tired of being tired, sluggish, hurting and miserable.

Here is to a calmer, productive and happier next week.

 Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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