Weightloss Journey- Week 1

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week 1
Week 1 of my exercise Journey I pledged to be accountable to you, my readers. Read my pledge HERE.

In preparation of this new journey, I set up my workout corner. Here I have my glider set up and at my desk I sit on my pumped up Yoga ball. I know it doesn’t sound like much. However I need to start slow with low impact exercising.

I am a list maker so here are the two lists I made to get myself prepared for the week.

Exercise Goals
  1. Start Slow
  2. Eat Fresher
  3. Be Positive
  4. Keep Going
  5. Weekly Updates
Overall Goals
  1. Lose 20 Pounds
  2. Regain Strength I’ve Lost
  3. Raise Energy Level
I had a checkup with my Endocrinologist and received some awesome news. With the little changes, I had made before making my pledge of accountability I have lost 10 pounds and my A1C level has gone from 7.9 to 7. (A1C counts the amount of sugar in your blood for an average of 3 months.)

This is a good thing. However while I was pregnant I had my A1C levels down to 5.9 which was the lowest I have ever gotten them. I also lived on salad, fruit and chicken. I will admit I went food crazy after my daughter was born. Any and every carb filled food I ate! I gorged myself on chocolate (lifetime fave). I slacked on testing my blood sugar levels and barely gave myself the correct amount of insulin.

My Endocrinologist ordered a low carb high protein diet, constant blood sugar testing, correct insulin doses and moderate exercise for the next 3 months. I will be retested to see how my A1C is doing.

I am looking at this realistically. I know there will be bad days and the beginning is going to be a struggle. However, I also know that the more I keep going the easier it will become. To be honest my biggest hurdle to overcome will be myself. I get tired of being insulin pump dependent and struggling with constant pain, so I curl in a corner of my couch and ignore it all. I cannot do this!

Here is to another week of accomplishments!

 Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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  1. Haha we do have the same picture and title nearly, how funny #ABrandNewDay

    1. Its great! Just goes to show more than one person has the same thing on their mind..wink, wink!

  2. I need to be accountable and I need to start slow and lose weight. I have decided to be accountable to you! When do you aim to have your 20lb lost? I need to lose 50lb but I could do with a friend for the first 20!

    1. Oh good question! Of all my planning I never thought to have a set date! I am going to say July 7th! That gives me time to get slowly but productively active without causing myself any set backs and it will be when I go back to my Endocrinologist for weigh in and A1C rechecks.
      I am excited to have a weight loss buddy!

  3. It's great that you have set these goals, and that you have recognised the accountability to your readers, in order to achieve them! But being diabetic is tough (I'm not diabetic, but I used to be a nurse, and dealt a lot in diabetes management,) so I'm sure the odd day curled up might be in order, when you are trying to maintain a good weight with the right number of carbs, and keeping your blood sugars in range! Good luck with achieving your goals, I will look forward to hearing how you get on! Thanks for linking with #bigpinklink!

    1. I too used to be a nurse in my past life. I have been diabetic for 16 years now and the struggle is mostly myself to be completely honest! I LOOOOOVE CARBS! However I have figured out how to moderate everything so I don't miss out or over indulge! Thank you for your interest I will be updating by each Friday.

  4. Well done my lovely. So many hurdles. It's great you lost before pledging, there is a confidence boost I hope! Im with you on the chocolate and carbs, they are my crutch! Keep going you'll do fab! #abrandnewday

    1. Thank you! It was a great confidence boost by just simply making one change!

  5. You have are such an amazing start and should be super proud of yourself. We are all behind you for the rest of the journey, good luck 🌸 TY for linking up to #FamilyFun 🌸

  6. I think you should be really proud of yourself, this sounds like a great start. And having days where things aren't so good is ok, too. Good luck with achieving your goals. #familyfun

    1. Thank you for your support! I am heading over to check out you page!

  7. Awesome! Looks like you're doing really well so far! I'm glad you are updating us, I need to start something like this because over the past four months I've only gone on one run and did a Pilates class and a dance class! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

    1. I know if I was not doing this journey this way I would just give up!