An Honest and Unbiased Cell Phone Spying App Review

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Every parent comes to that point in life where he or she has to give their kids the freedom and personal space to grow into independent individuals. The first step is usually to give them a cell phone. While many of us get jitters about it, it is something we just cannot avoid. You have to give them a smartphone so that they can keep in touch with you around the clock. The idea is to make sure that they are always safe and that they can find their way back to you whenever they need you. However, how can you keep them safe from online sexual predators, bullies, stalkers, and all kinds of harm? Many parents don't know this, but with XNspy cell phone spying app, they can find a lot of mental peace by protecting their kids.

I wouldn’t like to say I am a controlling mother, but I am surely keen to keep my kids safe. I need to make sure that they don’t talk to strangers and that no one is bullying them. I want to teach them how to handle different people and face different circumstances. I don’t want them to keep secrets assuming I am not there for them emotionally, which is why I am sharing my experience about Xnspy with you.

What does it do?

Monitor Call Logs – You can check whom your kid calls up or who call them. You can see the dates and times at which the calls happened and where your kid was at those times. This means that you will know if a strange number converses with your kid. You can easily call the number back to find out whom it is if the need arises. If you don’t like the person’s conversing with your kid, you can watchlist the contact. This feature allows the app to notify you whenever the watch-listed contact converses with your kid.

Read SMS, IM Chats, and Emails – You can read all incoming and outgoing SMS, internet messenger chats, and emails too. What I like is that the control panel makes accessing all the information so much easy. All you have to do is click on the feature that you want to monitor and you can see everything on your screen. Even if your child has locked the cell phone with a password, you don’t need to argue about it. I feel this would give me more control over difficult situations when my kids are teenagers and they become non-cooperative.

Watch their Locations – With the cell phone spying app installed on their iOS or Android smartphones, you can know where they are at any time, in real-time. The app has an inbuilt GPS tracker and Geofencing tool. They show you the exact location of the target device and the person with the phone using Google Maps. Geofencing allows you to watchlist places, so that whenever the child enters or leaves specific places, you receive alerts.

Listen to Calls and Record Ambient Surroundings – At times, kids become too secretive, and that’s when I know that something is wrong. For parents who need a heads up, when your kid becomes too silent or distant, it is a sign that something is puzzling them. They may be too scared to share it with you, which is where an app that enables you to listen to the calls and discussions in your absence is helpful. We all eavesdrop on our kids, but this is a more sophisticated way of monitoring their calls. The app automatically records calls and uploads them to the control panel where you can listen to the files. It deletes the temporarily created files on the SD-card too so that it doesn’t cause the phone to slow down. You can turn on the recorder remotely and record ambient discussions too.

Monitor Installed Apps and Browser History – As I’m a mom who worried about making sure life is organized and comfortable, I need to be sure that my kids are in bed on time. The app allows parents to monitor how much time kids spend online, what sites they browse, and what games they install on their smartphones. Besides, the app allows parents to block unwanted installed apps.

Other Things about a Cell Phone Spying App to Keep in Mind

Monitor Non-Jailbroken Devices – I know some parents who worry about finding an app that works on a non-jailbroken iOS device. Surely, jailbreaking is not always a good idea, which is why this spy app is useful. You can subscribe to the non-jailbroken version of the app and start using it immediately. All you need is your kid’s iCloud credentials, and you get all the information you need in your control panel.

Operates in Stealth Mode – Of course, it is a great idea to let your kids know that you are watching. However, in some extreme cases, you may need to monitor stealthily, and with a tracking app such as this one, it is possible.

Remotely Control the Device – You can lock the device remotely, wipe off data, and take screenshots whenever you need.

Xnspy is available on Google Play too, but you can visit their website for more information. You can check out testimonials by some other users too if that may help you make up your mind. It costs as low as $8.33 per month, and there is a money back guarantee too. You can always talk to their online support.

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