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My miracle baby girl recently turned one year old. Without me getting into the emotions of all that I have to say, we had an amazing birthday party for her (I am working on that post). We had pony rides, a photographer, a fun theme and finger foods with tons of friends and family to celebrate with us. We put together a few fun games for the kiddies to play too. One of the games was a Treasure Hunt.

The Treasure Hunt was not something we had originally planned on for the birthday party. A nice woman named Chené had contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing her program, which generates the clues for a treasure hunt.

Obviously, I said yes! What child does not like a treasure hunt! Chené set up an account for me with a credit available for me to use the treasure hunt clue generator. I signed in and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of creating the Treasure Hunt clues.

There are 94 preset places to hide the clues or you can set your own custom location. The clues are generated by the six locations you choose that you are going to hide the clues at. Then I had to choose from the different types of puzzles including Jigsaw, zig-zag riddle, color code, falling letters, mirror, reversed order, accordion, shuffled words, battleship, barcode and hieroglyph puzzles. For the age group at my daughter’s party I chose the mirror puzzle for our six clues. I then chose a theme border for the clue cards, which I chose the obvious Birthday theme. You can also choose team colors if you wanted to have multiple teams. Now that I had made all my personalizations to the clue cards, I was ready to order. Once I ordered I was able to immediately print off the clue cards.
Answer is Bush
This card is the clue for the purple team. The kids had to hold a mirror in front of the card in order to read the words and find the next clue attached to a bush in our front yard. The clues all lead to our mailbox where the kiddos found a case of bubbles.

I have to say that the ease of creating the clue cards was refreshing. Many companies claim that their programs are easy to navigate and easy to prepare a product and then you fumble through confusing applications. 

Treasure Run was created by a dad who has passion for web design and a mom who has an eye for the details. This family created program relies on word of mouth and social media for promotion. So my request to you my reader is go to the Treasure Run Website and check out the program for yourself or go to the Treasure Run Facebook page  and click like. How about even sharing this post on your Social Media to help spread the "word of mouth" concept.
 Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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