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As my regular readers know after a very long road, I am finally a first time mom and full time stepmom. This past year has brought on many challenges and changes including me becoming a blogger. Yes, I can officially call myself a blogger. 

One is usually called a blogger once they start writing whatever their heart desires and posts those thoughts on some type of hosting site to share with others. Sounds easy enough right!? Actually, it really is this easy. You can simply set up your site and write your little heart out. However, who sees what you write? This is where the real work begins. 

You want your loving thoughts to be shared with friends and family so you post a link on your Facebook. People love your musings. The suggestion that other people need to read this is made. Now you think I want to be taken serious so you create a Facebook page for just your blogging. Now you see that you are getting 20-30 more views on your posts. The excitement builds inside you. I must get more views...the desperate research begins to find out how to get more viewers to your site. Social Media is the answer. Time is spent creating Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts. You post, post and post your links to those sites hoping to build a following. Your excitement builds as a new follower joins your pages. Then it happens...Stagnant sites…no new followers, no readers, no activity of any kind!

More research finds Linky Parties are where it is at! What in the world is a Linky Party? It is only the most amazing invention ever for a new blogger. You basically share your post link on a site that is hosting a Linky Party. Then you share, like and/or comment on the host's posts and at least two other bloggers posts. The host will share your link over their social media sites. This has increased my blog views and social media followers tremendously. Linky Parties can become overwhelming if you are not organized. They take time that sometimes a stay-at-home mom does not have. The weeks I take off from Linky Parties, I see a significant drop in views. 

Organization is necessary! I was getting lost in all the social media posts, Linky Parties, blog posts, and home life schedulings. I needed a planner! I found a Free Printable Planner at A Well Crafted Party. After having the planner printed, I set to work building my planner, making a Linky Party Chart and the requirements for each party. I made a chart with all my social media sites and their information. I then planned which days I was going to post on each site.  This is not what I imagined when I began blogging.

During my time of planning, linking and trying to find ways to get out there in the blogging world I found a Tribe. Unintentionally I came across a group of blogging mommies that chat daily and help each other with blogging questions. They share each other’s posts and give valid feedback on personal and blogging issues. This group has been a God Send! I have learnt so much from this awesome group of ladies. 

I must say as I read what I have typed to this point it seems very easy to do all this and become a blogging sensation. Think again! I am a mom remember...of two small children...who NEVER sleep...I live on pots of coffee! Anything I do takes hours, days and sometimes weeks. I do not have the ability to just simply type what is in my head. I have to rework it to make sense to a reader that has no clue what I am talking about. I have to clear out the extra cluttery nonsense that I wrote because I lost my train of thought when the baby began crying, the phone rang, my toddler wanted something to eat, the husband needs another bandage (oh I could write about that). See even as I type this other ideas pop in my head and now I have three stories rolling around in there.

The point of this post was not to be a How to guide but a Holy Cow I'm a Blogger Post! After months of hard work, I am finally seeing great results! I am on a site called Top Mommy Blogs where I post my blog posts and other moms read them. I can find product review opportunities and link to other great bloggers. Iveth from fortheloveto referred me to this site. Top Mommy Blogs ranks its participants based on reader’s votes. Because of you voting after reading my posts I am feeling quite validated as a blogger.

In the Stay-at-Home category, I am ranked number 9 out of 49 bloggers

In the Overall category, I am ranked number 89 out of 5,000+ bloggers

My dear readers you have no idea how amazing it feels to know that my posts are being read and liked by you. Even though it has taken me just under four hours to type this post to thank you due to baby needs, toddler wants and a chaotic bathroom break (just a small sample of how that goes). I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for voting and reading about my crazy mom life. 

Please keep voting and while you are at it would you kindly leave a comment, even if it is a single word. I want to know what you really think about what you read or give me some suggestions that helped you with what I am typing about. Your comment could make a big difference in my day and could help fellow readers.

 Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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  1. Haha well done you! And I totally hear you with the scheduling there is so much work in it..lots of fun but being a blogger is a busy vocation! I use shed laods of post its! #stayclassymama xx

  2. Aww debs well done and congratulations you have done amazingly well and we are proud to have you in the tribe!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime #triballove

  3. Ah this is so great for bloggers that are just starting out, and even for me, I've never heard of Top Mummy Bloggers but will be checking it out now. : ) Deb you've done such a fantastic job blogging and taking care of your kids (can totally relate on the not sleeping point)! Thanks for the tips and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

  4. Ahh Debs, wave your hand up high, I AM A BLOGGER!! This is a lovely post and I think every blogger goes through these steps. I'm missing out on the announcing it to my family on Facebook, Damn it I'm missing out on some stats... No seriously, I was thinking about writing a post announcing that I am a blogger and posting it to my friends and family who have no idea! It's great having you in the #tribe, fantastic thanks for linking up to #abrandnewday

  5. This is such a great post! I totally agree 100%. I'm also on Top Mommy Blogs. Love it! I can't wait to have a look at that journal! xx #abrandnewday


  6. I found your blog on Top Mommy Blogs, and I love it (even though I'm a dad :) It's full of really helpful hints and practical advice!

    I'm a father of four and I recently wrote a parenting book myself. I hope it has some humble suggestions for your blog. The eBook is free on Amazon from 11/24 to 11/28 by searching: "How to Raise Great Kids - 101 Fun & Easy Ideas" or I'd be happy to send you a free paperback copy if you prefer.

    ​I admire your work very much, and I hope you'll appreciate mine someday soon, too. Thanks and keep up all your outstanding efforts!

    Happy Turkey Day!!!