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How awesome would it be if as a parent you can rent those expensive toys your kids are begging for instead of shelling out those big bucks? What could make this better...cleaned germ free toys delivered directly to your front door or how about the ability to earn free toy rental. Take heed and rejoice in the possibility because Pley is such a company whom offer these great options and so much more.

I received the opportunity to experience the straight forward workings of this company.

How it Works
I had to set up an account which was very easy. I input my mailing address, sign in name,  password, payment option and my child's name. All account information is sent to me but the package is sent to my child. Which is a plus as my kids love getting their very own personal mail.

Next I got to choose the type of toys I wanted for my children to play with, I clicked Action Figures & Blasters, Activities, Arts & Crafts, Baby & Toddler, Building Blocks, Dolls & Accessories, Electronics, Vehicles & Trains,Exclusives & Games.

I was then directed to the list of toys that were available to rent. I had my kids sit next to me and we scrolled ever so slowly through the nine pages of possible choices. They finally agreed on Bunch'ems Mega Pack. We used our credit to place the order. A week later the rental to arrived.

As we left the house to spend the morning at the park we found the package on our front porch. The kids were excited to receive a package addressed to them. Upon opening the package we found a red mesh zip bag with the company's information tag sewn to the front. The mesh bag held the Bunch'ems and laminated instructions to build different projects. The package also held a return shipment label and a card from the Pley company. The card explained that the blue tool was to help break apart the Legos before returning them and that the silicone Lego bracelet was for the kids to keep.

Once arriving at the park my kids could not wait to open the bag and start playing with the Bunch'ems. Quickly I realized that them playing with the burdock like balls was not such a great idea for in the grass. We packed the Bunch'ems back in the mesh bag while they played for a while on the playground. At lunch time we left the park and headed to McDonald's for lunch.

After we ate lunch my son wanted to play with the Bunch'ems. We sat at the table while my daughter ate her chicken nuggets and followed the instructions on how to make the silly purple guy in the happy car. The instructions were very easy for my son whom is 5 years old to follow. He did add his own flare to the car by adding the crown and red nose. As you can see he was very proud of himself for completing this project on his own. Once he had completed the project he easily took it apart and returned all the pieces back in the mesh bag so we could return home.

Once we were back home and settled in my son wanted to play with the Bunch'ems again. I too wanted to really explore the mesh bag's contents. The age recommendation for the Bunch'ems is for ages 3-7 However I knew my 1 year old could handle them without putting them in her mouth. I also thought the new texture was a benefit for her. As you can see in the picture she liked playing with the Bunch'ems. She was able to easily put the accessories into the holes of the Bunch'em. She was also able to handle the new texture. 

We were able to play with the Bunch'ems for a month before having to return them to the Pley company. We placed everything back into the red mesh bag and put the bag in the box it was delivered in. We taped the box closed and stuck the free return shipping label to the box and waited for the mailman to pick it up.

I instantly rented the Shape Sorter Play Bench for my daughter. The Shape Sorter Play Bench is recommended for 12+ Months perfect for her. The Shape Sorter Play Bench helps children work on developing skills like Color Recognition, Dexterity, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Problem Solving, Shape Recognition, Sound Recognition and Touching and Gripping skills.

The brightly colored Shape Sorter Bench kept my daughter's attention for continued play. Each shape makes a different sound when shaken. The Shapes are matched with corresponding openings in the bench by shape and color. Once the blocks are matched into their space, they can be hammered on with the attached hammer. For continued fun flip the bench so the child can hit the shapes back through. She loves this rented toy! I might end up buying it instead of returning it.

Benefits of Pley Toy Rental
Germ free toy rental saves you the cost of those pricey toys your kids just have to have.

You can earn a free month subscription for every friend who signs up using your invitation.
12 friends sign up = one year of free toy rental for you.
(You will receive an invitation link you can share with friends upon your signing up).

You can earn toy buying credits by sending in all those old LEGOs to Pley and they pay the shipping!
Trade the mismatched or complete sets of LEGOs for $5 Pley credit per pound! (up to 10 pound maximum for a total of $50 Pley credit).

Pley donates a toy to an underprivileged child for every new sign-up. How cool is that! Your family helps a kid get a new toy that may not have any!

Contact Pley
Pley's Website is the best place to begin. You can sign up for new toys for your kids. Then check out Pley's social media pages(FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram) to see photos that parents have shared of their happy kids with their rented toys.

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