An Interesting True White Mirai Toothbrush Review

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We all know the importance of teeth brushing.  Since my stepson started head start last October I have accumulated over 16 toothbrushes, 12 mini toothpastes, 8 dental flosses, 3 pick packs and countless information packs. This is no exaggeration. My daughter has had early head start for six months now and she has about half the numbers in dental supplies. My gallon-sized bag is bursting. At this rate, I will not have to buy any dental supplies for the next few years. Therefore, when a company called True Company contacted me and asked if I would review their product, I was hesitant. Why you ask! TOOTHBRUSH…need I say more!

After numerous emails, I finally agreed to review the Mirai Toothbrush. This is where I have to be 100% honest. I did not want to review this toothbrush for multiple reasons.

1. I did not feel it was the right fit for my followers.
2. Who in the world wants a toothbrush that must be charged by USB?
3. The cost.
4. I was not interested in the product personally.                      

Three days after arrangements were completed I received my package in the mail. I have to say I was impressed with the weight of the package that held the True White Mirai toothbrush. I opened the brown mailing bag to find a sturdy red box and a small red Authenticity card that is required for the two year warranty. I removed the clear plastic wrap from around the Mirai toothbrush and removed the top of the box. Inside I found a while plastic bag to store the toothbrush in. I found a USB cord for charging the toothbrush. A bifold information pamphlet explains how to use, charge and replace the head of the toothbrush. Securing the Mirai toothbrush in place was a white foam type material holding the bright red silicone toothbrush.

With the excitement of a small child Christmas morning, I removed the entire contents of the sturdy red product box. I mean honestly who does not get excited about getting something new? I was very interested in why this toothbrush cost so much. When I say this please keep in mind that I am a coupon clipping penny pincher. I have a fit if I have to pay over a $1.00 for a toothbrush.
Before doing anything with the True White Mirai toothbrush, I had to read the information pamphlet. 

After learning how to use the toothbrush, I began pressing the buttons to feel the variance in vibrations. The vibration is to help gently clean your teeth while massaging your gums. On the bottom of the toothbrush is the charging USB port and light. The light indicates when the toothbrush needs charging and works as a timer that lets the user know that three minutes is over and the toothbrush is about to stop vibrating.

What is so special about the True White Mirai toothbrush? According to the information pamphlet, the Mirai toothbrush is supposed to effectively remove plaque, remove stains, strengthen the enamel and gently massage the gums. The smoothness of the silicone bristles do not retain bacteria making it virtually self-sanitizing. These really are great features even to the most skeptical of product reviewers.

Now for the negativity I found with this toothbrush. It is not about the toothbrush in itself per say, but more of a personal complaint. Due to the nerve issues I deal with I personally could not handle the vibrating feature. I also have extremely sensitive gums that bleed if I use anything other than an extra soft baby toothbrush. However, when I used the toothbrush without the vibration feature my gums did not bleed.

I wanted an honest and unbiased opinion for this review. Therefore, I asked my five-year-old son if he wanted to try a new toothbrush. I made sure to remain neutral about how I talked about the True White Mirai toothbrush. I showed my son the meanings of the flashing light, how to charge it and how to adjust the vibrations to his liking. At first, he was in awe that he had a vibrating toothbrush. Then he thought the warning light was cool. I had my son use the True White Mirai toothbrush for a month.

Usually I am replacing his toothbrush every other month because he is a hard brusher and flattens his bristles. He also always has toothpaste residue stuck in the bristles. In order for my son to brush his teeth long enough we had to set a timer for him. With the True White Mirai toothbrush the silicone bristles still look brand new. There is no paste residue and the automatic timer in the Mirai toothbrush eliminates the need to set a separate timer. An added bonus for us is that at my son’s follow up dental appointment there was significant gum improvement and less tarter build up than he had prior.
Here are my five-year-old's words about the True White Mirai toothbrush.

“I like the toothbrush because it vibrates to tell me to keep brushing. The flashing light tells me I am almost done. The vibrations are cool. I like the color of the toothbrush because I like red. The bristles are neat because they are soft and don’t hurt my gums.”

Because I always try to learn something from each of my reviews, I must share that this product review taught me more than I expected. Do not prejudge the value of a product by my personal taste. In the end, I was very impressed with the improvements of my son’s teeth and gums in just a short month’s time.

If you are interested in purchasing the True White Mirai toothbrush of looking more into it please visit True Company's website and check out their Instagram pages @thetruecompany & @thesugarspa

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  1. I can see how having a timer on the brush is a good idea for kids. I've got one on mine, why not my son too! #triballove