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As summer arrives so does the mosquitoes, gnats, horse flies, beetles, wasps and whatever else flying biting little insects that feel like invading my home and garden. I am one of those few people who truly dislike summer! I prefer the coolness of autumn and spring.

Being diabetic the high temperatures quickly drop my blood sugar levels which leads me on a physical roller coaster for days. The other think I dislike about the high temperatures and muggy nights is the incredibly aggravating number of biting bugs. for most this is just an inconvenience for me as a diabetic this causes health issues. Numerous times I have had to be on antibiotics from a "simple" bug bite taking over my compromised immune system.

Each summer we are in a constant battle to decrease the amount of bugs that seem to have settled in our back yard as a breeding ground. We clean the gutters constantly, we added drainage pipes to eliminate the accumulation of water in our back yard, we even removed dying trees and stumps. We place zappers, sprays and citronella candles everywhere. No change. So when I was contacted by a representative from DynaTrap to try out their DynaTrapXL I requested a little information and agreed to try it.
I will be honest when I say I was surprised at the size of this thing! When the box arrived I just thought ok that is a lot of packaging for a bug zapper. I opened the box to find it filled with the DynaTrapXL. This thing is a monster and it is not a zapper! The DynaTrapXL is a heavy duty all weather bug trapper that covers a full acre of yard.

How the DynaTrapXL works...Place the trap between where you want coverage (the porch) and the source of where the insects breed like ponds, heavily wooded areas, tall grass, old tree stumps, or areas of poor drainage. Plug in the DynaTrap and turn it on. That is it.

The magic happens once you turn on the trap. The ultraviolet light warmth attracts the insects closer to the trap while Co2 is being passed in the air to attract the insects, Once they are close to the trap the quietly humming fan sucks and traps the insects into the mesh retaining canister. Here they remain and until you empty the canister (suggested every 1-2 weeks). There is even a brush included with the DynoTrapXL so you never have to touch any of the insects.

Now here is the best part...The DynaTrapXL attracts numerous insects including: mosquitos, Moths, Gypsy Moths, Black Flies, No-see-ums, Sand flies, Horse/Deer Flies, Asian Lady Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and more. However it does not attract the helpful insects such as honeybees or dragonflies.

I truly love this thing!!! We have been able to have family BBQs in our back yard without being bit up. My kids are able to play in the yard without needing to be sprayed with chemicals and I am not worrying about getting bit and having to take antibiotics.
Now here is an awesome deal for you my loyal readers. DynaTrap is offering a Father's Day Giveaway of the DynaTrapXL. Enter each day for the next week for your chance to win.

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  1. Its summer now herw and rhe mosquito began to out the worst is they go inside to my house.So i need some protection for my children I have a baby amd its dangerous to bite him a mosquito.This Dyna trap is nice and awesome it will suit to my house and protect to my children to a mosquito.Wishing to win !