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Have you heard of the amazing new plastic teaching instruments? If you are not from the U.K. then it is likely you have not. The Warwick Music Group has recently extended their services to the U.S.

Who is the Warwick Music Group you are wondering...well they are a team of British musicians that wanted to spread the love of music to little learners in a cost friendly way and the P instruments were born. They created the pBuzz which is the perfect introduction to brass playing for early learners. It is brightly colored, light weight with easily seen notes for early learners to get the hang of. The pTrumpet is the world’s first-all plastic trumpet with remarkable sound quality, playability and comes in some really cool colors. The pBone is the equivalent of a trombone. The pBone is so well crafted that professional musicians use it.

So What does the Warwick Music Group want you to know? I will tell you...They are on a mission: to get as many people as possible to pick up an instrument for the first time – and just play!


It's all part of "make music month" – to encourage all those who've yet to play music to give it a go. The first-time initiative, which is focused on June, is Warwick Music Group’s commitment to encourage would-be musicians and coincides with worldwide activities and promotions such as
  • Celebration of UK-wide BBC Music Day on June 15th, 
  • Worldwide celebration Make Music Day June 21st 
  • June and charity Music for All’s Learn to Play Day on June 24-25th.
Warwick Music Group – the company behind the award winning pBone, pTrumpet and pBuzz – is offering 10 people in the UK and a further 10 in the US to "pick up a pBone and play". The music company is loaning instruments for free to help people begin their musical journeys in June.

With funding for music education in schools increasingly at risk, the opportunity to start learning a musical instrument is a luxury for many. 37% of UK schoolchildren have never had a lesson on a musical instrument.
It is more important now than ever to place value on learning an instrument, and this June, Warwick Music Group wants to encourage as many aspiring musicians as possible to dedicate June as Make Music Month.

How To Enter

To take part in Make Music Month, all you need to qualify is to be a non-musician or absolute beginner, and send a few lines about why you’d love to start your pBone or pBuzz journey to

Now is the perfect opportunity to start to play in 30 days, with support and guidance from the team of musicians at Warwick Music Group and with online tutorials to assist.

If you’re interested in learning to play a new type of instrument, or you know someone who might be, Don’t hesitate to email to be be one of the lucky 20 people.

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