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A year ago, I began blogging. I remember the day as clearly as this morning. My four-month-old daughter lay asleep in my arm as I began typing a happy mommy Facebook status that turned into a mini novel. As I re-read what I had typed, I was in awe at how good it sounded. I copied those words and saved them to read to my husband.

While waiting for him to come home from work I continued absent-mindedly scrolling my Facebook feed. "Wait what was that?" Scrolling back I saw another post from The Whatever Mom  aka Roxanne. "What an over achiever! Didn't she just post something else?" Going to The Whatever Mom site (Roxanne's blog) and Hudson Valley Parenting site (Roxanne writes for them), I scrolled and read almost a year worth of posts. With stubborn indignation, I proclaimed, "If she can do it so can I!"

Here is where I must add a disclaimer... The last paragraph sounds as if I have a dislike for Roxanne however; I feel quite the opposite for her. I honestly love this amazing lady but I do have a built in need to compete (in a sense) with her as she is my sister.

After doing a bunch of research on how to become a blogger and asking my sister tons of questions, I thought, "I got this". I loved the typing and sharing my thoughts and experiences with my readers. As time passed it became clear there was so much to learn about this blogging business there were numbers that needed to be met in order to gain income, coursed to take, programs to use and interaction to be completed,  

As with anything else I do, I need to know that I have accomplished my goal. However how do you know that you have actually made it as a Mommy Blogger? 

I asked a few of my Mommy Blogger Friends to share their thoughts as to when they knew they had become a Mommy Blogger.

Signs that you know you are A Mommy Blogger When…

"You’re in company and they ask you nervously, "You're not going to blog about this, are you?" 
Sarah from Mum & Mor

"You ask the kids to unwrap their Christmas presents slower so you can get some good pictures ready for your upcoming 'what we got for Christmas' blog post."
- Becci from The Unnatural Mother

"You take pictures of your kids doing crazy stuff first before you rescue them!"
- Laura from Savings 4 Savvy Mums

"You welcome a total meltdown as it's great material to write about." 
- Harriet from Coffee and Bubbles

"You constantly say 'I read a blog post on that the other day..." 
- Hayley from Devon Mama

"Your nine year old tells you to stop the car because they've seen something they think 
would make a good picture for your blog." 
- Victoria from Mummy Times Two

"When you video everything your child does in the hope something good will happen so you can share it".
- Jade from Raw Childhood

"When you ignore your child for a good five minutes while choosing the best Instagram filter and typing out hashtags."
- Sam from Mouse, Moo & Me Too

"When your six month old baby instantly smiles as soon as you hold up your iPhone." 
- Julie from Pondering Parenthood

"You know you are a mommy blogger when your kids say things like, “mom please don’t tell your blog about this,” or “oh man is this going on the blog?” You learn to do things like potty train kids while taking a conference call, or make a peanut butter jelly sandwich while checking emails. It is scientifically proven that moms who blog are smarter, faster, stronger and get more done by 6 a.m. (there are zero references for this). If you find yourself compelled to share your crazy mom life with the world you just might be a mommy blogger." 
- Roxanne from The Whatever Mom

"When you console every tantrum and embarrassing incident with "well someone else will find this hilarious when I post about it" whilst weeping into your wine."
- Anna from Me, Annie Bee

"When you are uncomfortable with chit chatting about your feelings but happily over share with the whole Internet!"

I personally knew I was a successful Mommy Blogger when I had family, friends and my church family talking to me about my blog posts. I knew I was being "heard." Moreover, in my little sister need for approval from her big sister was received when I was asked to Guest Post for The Whatever Mom and her still periodically giving me valuable information. Knowing that others who are posted in magazines, Parenting Websites, companies asking me to write for them and other blogger want my thoughts on their site allows me to say that I have actually made it as a Mommy Blogger!

As I celebrate my One Year Blogiversary this month I want to THANK YOU my readers, Tribal Members and family for your continued interest and your sharing of Crossing New Bridges of Motherhood posts because without you I would not have become a successful Mommy Blogger!

Stay tuned for a couple special posts this month about Mommy Bloggers and a one year of blogging round up. 

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  1. Love it!!! It's in our DNA to be a success at anything we try! I can't wait to check out all the other mommy blogs you've listed!! Happy Blogiversary!!

  2. I do believe something good was passed Please do check out the other Mommy Bloggers they each have really great and different content!

  3. Haha! Yes all of these are spot on.


  4. I am guilting of saying "I read a blog post about...." way too often these days! #stayclassymama

  5. I love posts with a bit of crowd-sourced content! My kids have starting taking an interest in my blogging. My 8 year old always wants to know what I'm writing about, or if we're going somewhere "for the blog." It's so fun!
    Visiting from This is How We Roll linky

    1. My son is the same way! He finds activities he wants to do and follows it with "you could use it for your blog."

  6. Haha! Those are all true! I love the one about the meltdowns...great blogging material. #ablogginggoodtime

  7. Thanks for featuring my suggestion! Happy blogiversary to you too!

  8. Congrats on the one year anniversary and on joining the certified mommy bloggers society. :) Thanks for sharing at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party.

  9. Congrats on your blog birthday! I love to see you on our linky - here's to your second year! #stayclassymama

  10. Ha ha ha there are some great ones here and I am sure a million more too! Opps!!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime