After Christmas Donating

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Christmas is over and what a great time we had. Gifts ordered and delivered in time to be placed under the tree. Joyful squeals of excitement from those who received just want they wanted. Volunteering to do a task for somebody who was not able to complete it on their own. Caroling, tree lightings, community activities, family gatherings and lastly but not leastly willingly giving to others for the pure joy of kindness.
Now that Holiday celebrations are calming down, the reality of overflow is settling in. All those beautiful gifts put in their places and some still sitting in the box in the corner. Those gifts that will remain there for a few weeks because you have no place to put them. 
The solution to this dilemma that occurs every year in my home is to donate what we no longer wear or play with. I give each person a box and have them fill it with the things that are broken, ripped, stained and no longer used. I then sort through the boxes to see what I can fix. The toys that can not be repaired are recycled. The ripped, stained, and unwearable are donated to SMART
SMART (Secondary Materials And Recycling Textiles) is a company with collection bins for the public to donate and collects from companies that work with used clothing, wiping materials (rags) and the fiber industry to collect the "unusable" clothing to refurbish as wiping rags.

"Any clothing, household textile or commercial linen textile as long as it is DRY and has NO ODOR can be reused and recycled. Even if the item is stained, torn, overly worn or out-of-date, do not throw it away; it has a use in the clothing recycling industry." -SMART

The other solution is donating old, ripped or stained clothes, towels, bedding and unstuffed toys to your local ASPCA. Bonus letting the kids play with adorable animals.

These donations do require you to leave the warmth of your house but it is worth it. As a treat for such a good job of cleaning and donating treat yourself with some Hot Cocoa and curl on the couch with a warm blankie. You deserve it!

Here is how you can donate WITHOUT leaving your warm home. 

Such a simple concept! Fill old boxes with nice unwanted items. Go to Give Back Box and print off an unlimited number of FREE shipping labels that will send your donations to your local collection center with no cost to you. You can send the boxes through your local mail carrier or set up a pick up by UPS. Oh the possibilities with the awesome BONUS of not having to go out into the cold to do a good deed for others.
What great ways do you donate all those unwanted things after the holidays? Share in the comments.

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