After Christmas Savings

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I LOVE CHRISTMAS as I have made apparent in my previous post "Giving On A Budget". This post is a little insight into how I can give affordably at Christmas time without going broke. I also find great sales at this time that allow me to affordably give during the year for birthdays, baby showers, weddings and just because gifts too.

I always wait to shop for the seasonal or holiday items at one week and two weeks after the holiday. In general, the first week after, items go on sale 25% to 50% off. In general, the second week, after the holiday items are 75% and up off. In the following reading, I will show you the Fantastic After Christmas Sale Haul for less than $15.00 I was able to score.
These first set of savings was made at Wal-mart. Upon entering Wal-mart there was a good selection of Christmas items for sale. Here I found the Red/Gold Chargers originally sell for $4.95 each, I was able to purchase 4 for $1.48 for a savings of $18.32. I got red and gold chargers to use as serving plates for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's celebrations.

I then proceeded to go to the holiday isles near the Garden Center. Here I found the pack of foam glittered Snowflake Ornaments originally selling for $1.98. I purchased them for $0.49 for a savings of $1.49. I also found the bag of Frosty Snow that originally sold for $2.50. I was able to purchase for $0.62 for a savings of $1.88. These items I am going to use for a Wintery themed Sensory Box for my daughter. Post to come soon...

Many people do not realize that each wal-mart has a special clearance isle. This aisle is usually items that are overstocked and not sold during the regular sale timeframe. For example, I found a Thanksgiving Banner that says, "BE THANKFUL". The banner was originally sold for $1.97. I was able to purchase it for $0.50 for a savings of $1.47.

As I headed to the baby aisles to purchase the cases of diapers and wipes that I actually came in the store for. I passed a display of shoes on sale. I happened to find one pair in my son's size. The shoes were originally $12.97 and on sale for $3.00! A savings of $9.97...SCORE!!! Guess what he is getting for his birthday!

So for the Wal-mart tally the original cost would have been $39.22, I paid only $6.09 for an awesome savings of 33.13. Can I get a HECK YEAH!!!
This Haul was from Dollar General a week after Christmas. My savings were between 50-75%. These purchases I saw during some last minute shopping for an unexpected get together. I absolutely loved the deer doormat as it goes so well with my home decor and so do the silver baskets and how cute is the Christmas Countdown!

The baskets originally cost $5.00 each. I was able to purchase them for $1.50 each for a savings of $10.50. Already off to a great savings trip. These Baskets are now sitting upon my workspace shelves to keep my upcoming drafts organized.

The Deer Door Mat originally cost $6.00, which I purchased for $1.80. WHAT!!! A $4.20 savings. This adorable Door Mat is resting inside my inner door to keep my rugs from getting wet this winter.

Lastly, the Christmas Countdown originally cost $3.50, which I purchased for $1.05 for a savings of $2.45. This cute Christmas Countdown with the magnetic snowflake is in the tote for next year's activities.

Original total for all these great items would have cost $24.50, which I was able to purchase at $7.35 for a grand savings of $17.15. Have I convinced you to shop after Holiday sales yet!!! I am not done! Keep reading for the cheapest After Christmas Sale haul yet!
Heading into the second week of After Christmas Sales I was able to make my best haul. Planning ahead to next year's school gift for my son's class and future crafts I could not pass on these items from the dollar General at 90% off.

Let me begin with the Christmas Pencils. Each 7-count pack originally sold for a $1.00 a piece for a total of $7.00. I was able to purchase all 8 packs for $0.70 for a savings of $6.93. With all these pencils, I will have enough to tie to a candy cane for our Sunday school kids and my son's class members next year with a handful extra for our home use. 

The Pompoms, Pipe Cleaners, Wood Ornaments will become projects next year for my kids to decorate the tree with. Each item originally $1.00 now $0.10 for a savings of $2.70.

The Wooden Snowmen were originally $0.75 each, which I paid $0.05 a piece for a savings of $2.10. My kids will paint these Snowmen next year to decorate the tree.

Finally the Tic-Tac-Toe games originally $1.00 now $0.10 saving me $1.80. These games will become next Holiday Season Busy Bag items. They are great for building a toddler's fine motor skills and of course as a good old fashion tic-tac-toe game.
What a fantastic After Christmas Sale Haul! I saved $63!!! This money will go towards my increasing winter electric bill and I have crafts, gifts and decorations for upcoming celebrations that will not leave me broke.

What ways do you save on celebration gifts and activities?

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