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When I talk to others about the supplies I use to create my blog they are surprised that as a blogger I need more than my computer. In lieu of my blogiversary and hoping for some cool gifts I will give you my amazing readers a small peaking to the short list of items that bloggers use and would love as gifts. Hint!!! Hint!!!

The very basics of needs as a blogger is great writing pens. Yes pens! Most of my blogger friends write down the random thoughts running around in their head that turn into great posts read by thousands. A beautiful or fun pen helps the imagination juices flow. 
After Pens of course a blogger needs notebooks. Fun notebooks add to imagination juices. I have multiple notebooks for different topics. I even carry a mini 5 section notebook in my bag incase a new toddler activity pops in my head while i am shopping. I have even wrote an entire blog post while waiting to see my dentist in my little notebook.
Another much needed gift is a reliable and good quality camera. Many bloggers use their cellphone cameras or a cheap handheld camera. I for one can use a new camera as I have dropped mine in the bathtub with my kids while they cooled off during the summer heat. Now there is a water spot dried on the lens. I have to zoom in on everything or have half my picture blurred out. 
Computers of all forms are needed. Desktop, Laptop, Ipad, Cell phones all are used by Mommy Bloggers. I have a blogging friend who types blogs on her Ipad while in the grocery store parking lot. I have caught one of my Mommy Blogging friends in a bathroom stall typing away on her blog because it was the only place she could be left alone for 10 minutes.  

This is what I wish I was typing all my great blogs on.

However this is what I am typing on. My laptop of three years really is on its last leg. It began to fall apart when my screen was hit with of all things my husband's Remote Control Helicopter. The screen now "bleeds" and shows nothing on it. To fix this problem my husband afixed a flat screen monitor to the wall to hook my laptop to. 
Once I had the money to fix the screen the cooling fan decided to work only as it wanted to. To fix this issue we placed it ontop of a baking cooling rack and raised that with red milk jug caps for optimal air flow. Now I can type to my hearts content. 
Then the keys began falling off. At this point there is no reason to fix the laptop. I am just waiting for that great writing opportunity to purchase myself a new computer.
Another must for a Mommy Blogger is Memory Sticks. How cute are these? I can not stress the importance of different styles. I have one Memory Stick for works in progress and finished projects. I have had people ask why I would save the blog posts I have active on my site and guest posts. The reason is...You never know when you need to update your blog and information does get lost. I also use it as a reference when asked for samples of my work. I also find it easier to work on my posts on any computer anywhere because I have my files in my hand and not stored at home.
With all those great items in hand it does become hard to find a cute bag to carry them. I saw a cute roller bag very similar to this one and thought "Oh Yes! I Need That Beauty!" There are enough pockets for a laptop. notebooks, pens, memory sticks and a camera. There is even room for my lifesaving Blogger Binder to keep me on track. The rolling capability is a bonus for a tired mommy.
Well friends this post is something a little different from what I normally share. I thought it would be fun to share with my non-blogging readers some of the things that Mommy Bloggers use to create the fun posts you read. 

As I end this post I ask that you come back next week to see what I have planned with my upcoming 1st Blogiversary.

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  1. I would love any of these gifts! I can never have enough note books and pens even if I don't use half of them!

    Amina xx | #ablogginggoodtime

  2. I would love any of these! Great ideas!

  3. Yep, yep and more yep. I opt for cloud instead of memory stick, but all totally relevant! #stayclassymama

    1. I am completely scared to use the Cloud! I have no control where my stuff

  4. Love the memory sticks! You forgot the post it notes though - I have hundreds all over the place #stayclassymama

    1. Oh my YES!! If I do not put the Post Its in my binder or notebook I lose them!