My Birthdays Are Not About Me?

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Each year everybody gets that one special day that is specifically theirs. Somewhere it has to be written in that unofficial book of "people just know it" that one’s birthday is unequivocally about what they want to do, where they want to go, what they want to eat and what they want to receive.

Most people want a day to themselves to enjoy being left alone. Some take the day off from work. Others want a big fuss made over them by having a party. While a few ladies I know spend the day pampering themselves with a new cut, manicures and pedicures followed by a meal with their besties. However,  I spent my 35th birthday working on ways to bless others with simple Acts of Kindness. 

My morning began like normal being awoken by a screaming toddler at 4:30 am. The difference in this morning is that I did not attempt the half hour ritual of trying to put her back to sleep with a fresh bottle, diaper change, swaddling and swaying her to sleep. 

No... This morning I encouraged her to play in the kitchen drawer as I began my plans for the day.  

I spent eight hours baking 45 loaves of Zucchini Bread for my church family as my gift to them this Christmas. I can not say enough great things about every member of my church. Every single member is amazingly supportive to others in times of need. They are very encouraging at just the right times. I have been involved in this church for over six years now and have never wanted to leave. After my husband's car accident last year I saw such a loving gathering of support around him that made me love these people beyond words. A loaf of bread and eight hours of baking is nothing in comparison to the love they have openly given us. <3 <3 <3
Since each batch of breads take an average of 30-45 minutes, I had time to complete other tasks. As my regular readers know, we recently made Goodie Bags for the Toddler Room at my church for their Christmas Celebration. Now we needed some fun Christmas activities for them. To Pinterest I went and found a cute idea from I Can Teach My Child. You make a cardboard Christmas tree with colored holes to toss the same colored balls through that land in a basket.. Perfect...a fun activity and the toddlers would be learning at the same time.
This year we are late at getting our Christmas Tree. We enjoy a real tree however because our house is so warm with the outside wood burner trees wither very quickly. To avoid this happening this year we are waiting until the beginning of Christmas week to get the tree. This bums me as I LOVE Christmas trees lit with the ornaments shining brightly. To raise my spirits I decorated my workspace. I should correct myself and say redecorate my space as a few weeks ago I put a few decorations up but was not completely happy with it. 
On a side note: this blogger has added a new laptop or ipad on her list to Santa. This is how I had to makeshift my laptop into a desktop after my daughter slammed her toy on the screen popping it. Therefore, if there are any really giving Santa helpers out there email me and I will gladly give you my address for delivery. I don't mind if it comes after Christmas. WINK WINK

For my workspace, I put down a fabric scrap with a wintery scene of a polar bears and penguins playing in snowflakes. This I can leave for a few months. On the corner of my desk, I placed my mini tree; snowflake candleholder with apple cinnamon candle and a truck shaped music box that plays "Joy to the World" while the people in the center rotate in circles. The wreath was made by my daughter and my mom as a craft project to do together. The screensaver I created as my image to include in my emails this month.
I also worked on a couple of my families homemade gifts. I would love to post the pictures for you all to see however; those silly people enjoy reading my ramblings. On a great note, I am working on a post about those gifts for next year. (I know such a long time to wait but think about all the other great reads you will experience until then.) :)  

By the end of the night, I was exhausted. I had almost forgotten about the Chocolate Chips for the Toddlers and Mail Carrier. Before going to bed, I opened my birthday gift. Cute bag don't ya think! I got a beautiful sheer scarf, silver water drop earrings and a cute forever-family message on it. My husband knows me so well. He has been turned into a bargain shopper and was able to score these goodies for $6.18.
The next day was not technically my birthday however; I got to experience some really awesome moments I wanted to share. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this photo of my daughter nicely playing with others in the toddler room. My daughter is such a brute to her older brother and this picture gave me such joy to know in public she is well behaved. Even though the Monitors in the Toddler Room always tell me she is a pleasure to be around it is very satisfy as a mother to see the proof. The darling little girl with the braid is one of my guest posters Alexis Lafave's daughter. 
After church, we had been invited to the skating rink for a Christmas Party for the kids. However, I must confess I think my husband and I had more fun than the kids! We saw SANTA! I love the look of uncertainly on my daughter's face as she watched Santa from the corner.
Because even though I LOVED sitting with Santa...
My daughter DID NOT enjoy Santa! Thankfully, our Santa friend knew our daughter and was very understanding. However, she did relax after Santa gave her a stocking of goodies.
A picture of my family together was a great reality check. I AM BLESSED! I have a healthy family who had gone through a great deal this past year and yet we made it to this point in time together. My husband dealt with issues from a car accident including addiction to his pain medication that almost led to a divorce. He is now getting help with the addiction and is facing surgery on his neck in a few weeks. My son had broken his arm this past summer jumping on a trampoline. My daughter thankfully had no serious issues but driving her parents crazy as she grew. I was able to lose over 60 pounds with my shake diet and maintain the loss while gaining control of my diabetes. A productive year I must say.
He is smiling but I am holding him up from flopping on the floor with unsteadiness 
on his roller skates.
Not to be left out my daughter had to walk around the skating rink with daddy. The staff let her walk on the floor with her shoes. The stabilizer frame was necessary, as brother had used it so she had to also.
On our way home, we had to stop at our favorite-lit street. This street is a dead end with a loop at the end so you can exit without having to turn around in somebodies driveway. Each year the street of eight houses expands on their decorating splendor. In just a few years, they have gone from decorating with tons of lights to driving through a welcoming group of giant blowup Santas on each side of the street. I was not able to get more pictures of the center of the street as my mind became putty with amazement from all the decorations. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas lights and decorations!

The weekend enjoyably ended with my last Facebook Status as...

7:30pm and all are in bed!!! What world of mothering bliss did I walk into???

I do hope you enjoyed the retelling of my birthday weekend as much as I did.  This birthday I realized that my birthday is not about me as much anymore and more about the blessings around me and finding ways to show them that I appreciate and love them.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Share with me in the comments.

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