Bittersweet Life

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A simple day at the park is not always what it seems. You can not see the inward struggles of those around you. You do not know their story. Some people live with a Bittersweet existence. You cannot see their exhausting struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children. During the moment of time that you see them you will not hear them express their pain, see their struggle to take the next breath or even notice the unspoken communication between them. For this couple daily trudges through their Bittersweet life with their seemingly normal family.
You are at the playground, you see who appear to be a “normal” family with a dad, a mom, a little boy and a baby girl. They smile and laugh enjoying the present moment. They look as though they are completely happy. Unseen there is brokenness in them a pain that is so deep in their bones that you could never feel. Inside they are crying for a comfort that you will never hear expressed.
The father pushes his baby girl in the swing with a smile on his face as his broken heart trembles to remain strong. He keeps a brave face for his wife while inwardly he struggles with his faith. He has to hide his emotions before they crumble his entire being. He hugs his baby girl with loving fear. He is overprotective from the years of struggle and loss it took for her to be here. She is their miracle. A miracle he almost lost when they lost her twin. You see him lovingly glance at his wife but you do not see the deep connection of anguish that lies between them that with only a glance they share so many unspoken but understanding thoughts.
The mother enthusiastically plays in the dirt with her son. She is the vision of what a mom is supposed to be. Meanwhile she struggles and fails to keep her tears from overflowing. Tears of deep misery and tears of happiness mix in the dirt. She turns in shame that she cannot control her emotions. She is thankful to finally be a mother. A long and tough road she has taken to get to this precious moment. A moment she has dreamt of since childhood. She holds a love so deep for her family that nothing can compare. Her struggles have given her a thankfulness that simply cannot be described. For you see when one loses themselves, their dreams, and their hopes, then can one really understand the simplest and greatest of blessings that most take for granted.
This simple day of playing at the park is far more for this family. For you see today is the birthday of their lost baby girl, whom was born too early, a precious angel that watches over them along with her 12 other siblings with wings. They are celebrating her short existence in their life. They are celebrating the family that they are blessed with.

They are living this bittersweet life that you are on the outside trying to look in on. You will not understand all this is going on right in front of you. You have not endured what they have in order to understand their silent conversation. You will say a pleasant comment as you walk by mentioning how fun it is to have two kids. You will not know how painful that comment is. You will not see the father’s back stiffen as he holds back the emotions pounding on the unsteady wall he has built. You will not hear the slight tremble of the mother’s voice as she says a pleasant reply through a pasted smile. You will not see them fall in bed tonight completely exhausted from trying to keep it together for the sake of their young children. You also will not see them perform the same act day after day just to live this bittersweet life of normalcy.

PERSONAL NOTE: Please remember that we never know what others are dealing with. Those who have endured great pain do not always know how to act or respond to you for the stress of making you uncomfortable.

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  1. I think it is a really important point that you highlight and it is important to remember that some people are going through some awful experiences and we must be sensitive to that without dulling our own joy.

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime #triballove


  2. Meagan - www.themumproject.comJuly 20, 2016 at 3:27 PM
    What a lovely post, it's so true! You never know what someone is going through until you are in their shoes. This is why I try not to judge anyone at anytime, even your closest friends could be going through something but they don't want to tell anyone. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

  3. Yes, you can never know what is really going on in people's life, can you? The doula service sounds like a lovely service for a very difficult experience. #stayclassymama

  4. Think of it like an iceberg. We can only see the part that is out of the water of the iceberg. Underneath we have no idea what is really going on. Try looking deeper.

  5. It can be tough going through pregnancy. It's nice to know there are still nice people in this world. It was nice of you to spread the word about this lady.