30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 6

10:53 AM

For the next 30 days I will be posting about a different topic of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge list.
I came across this fun looking challenge at fortheloveto .

I am now inviting you my fellow bloggers to join in with the fun. Please remember to tag me on Twitter so I can read your wonderful posts and I will reshare for you.

Today's Challenge: Something I am proud of from the past few days.

I am proud of being able to keep up with my daily life, blogging, business stuff, house stuff, baby time, toddler time, hubby time, school stuff and keeping it all organized.

It does help that I have lists, calendars and binders for everything.

A typical day includes the typical baby stuff; wake up, change, feed, play, sleep repeat about 7 times in a day.

wake up the son and get ready for head start, drive to head start and four hours later pick up son. 

In between baby stuff and the four hours of head start daddy goes to do his exercise routine 4 times a week. While I am at home typing, responding, reading for my blog, business stuff and any appointments for everybody, juggling baby needs and trying to fit in my exercising.

Once son and hubby is home it is noon. Lunch.
Then any appointments. If none then daddy plays with the kiddos while I catch up on what I could not do earlier.

By 2 pm naps are being had. The hubs and I get to communicate non-kid interrupted for an hour. Now its time to figure out dinner and by 5 we are eating. Now its time for baths, a family game or movie and a small snack then bed. We are usually all in bed by 8 pm. However I am usually up every 2 hours with a fussy baby.

Yes I can say I am proud that I can keep all this under control and organized without going clinically insane. There have been days that I have wished the men with the white coats would come get me just for a mini vacation but my hubs swears they would keep me longer that I want them too.

Come back tomorrow to see what my plans/dreams/goals are. I bet you will be surprised!

Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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