30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 4

12:31 PM

For the next 30 days I will be posting about a different topic of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge list.
I came across this fun looking challenge at fortheloveto .

I am now inviting you my fellow bloggers to join in with the fun. Please remember to tag me on Twitter so I can read your wonderful posts and I will reshare for you.

Today's Challenge: A Picture of Somewhere I Have Been

Diamonds on top the ground
 May 2013 for graduating on the Dean's List  with my Associated Degree in Criminal Justice the hubs and I spent a full week at Herkimer Diamond Mines where you can dig for diamonds and keep take them when you leave.

We had a beautiful cabin right next to the creek.

 We dug a great little fortune by time we left. Most of these diamonds I made into jewelry. Herkimer Diamond Mines will buy the diamonds from you if you don't want to keep them. This loot would have paid for the complete trip with $200 left over.

I know the challenge was one picture but we completely loved this trip. We are thinking about taking the kids this year!

Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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