Building Math and Writing Skills

8:00 AM

Every Friday my son comes home with a Spider-Man folder crammed full of all the practice pages of letters and numbers and craft projects that he has completed during the school week. He routinely removes this folder from his bag and puts it on my desk for me to look at. Once the kids are in bed I open his folder and lovingly look over every page and scrap of paper. I notice every curl of his letters -- erase marks, scribbles that landed outside the lines, and every smiley face and sticker from the teacher. Why do I do this, you may ask? For one thing, I am in complete awe of what my son has the ability to accomplish. For another, I want to know what he is learning so that I can help him in the areas where he needs a little extra practice. From the beginning of my son’s life, we began implementing simple ways to encourage his growth. Now that he is in school full time, I am no longer the main educator in his life. The Friday Folder helps keep me included.

During this review time I found that my son was struggling with math and writing skills. Check Out how the Complete Visual Handwriting and Math workbook Bonus Pack helped him gain confidence and improve his skills.

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