Wiggin Out with Divatress

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Have you ever noticed that you are no longer number one on your list? When you are young and single, you do all types of self-pampering, spending hours doing nothing and being completely happy with that. Then you find that special one and get married. You still have time for all those little pamper routines and specials you do for yourself heck your spouse even encourages it. Then here comes baby. Somehow, the word mom becomes synonym to exhausted stain covered barely functioning human. No longer do you have time to get your hair routinely cut, no longer is shopping a relaxing experience. Now you look like medusa running the gauntlet of isles to fill the cart before a child starts screaming. Why does this happen. Why do we neglect ourselves in the "spirit" of motherhood?

Lately I have been feeling blah about how I look. Day by day, I slowly stopped working out. Slowly I regressed into the couch potato I had vowed to stop being since becoming a mom. After dealing with a bunch of life changing situations I needed a change so I cut my hair very short and dyed it a dark auburn. This was a great change to my normal long dirty blonde look but now that the new has worn off, I am finding there is very little versatility to the style. There are days when I just want a very different look. This really hit home after a night out with my husband.

A couple nights ago, my husband and I went to a nice dinner together wearing our "dressy clothes". Ya’ll know the ones you have stashed in the back of your closet protected by a dress bag so nothing gets on them because you can't afford the dry cleaning bill. When I say nice place, I mean a place that requires a suit jacket and heels. We scrubbed off the parent vibe to sparkle with fresh energy of possibilities and alone time. Bright eyed and giddy as we were seated and looked at our menus, we ordered and waited. That is when it began.
I stopped looking in the eyes of my charming husband and noticed the beautiful woman at the table behind him. She had amazing hair; it was silky, long and gorgeously highlighted. Just then a couple walked by and my husband commented about how he liked the loose curl look. I spent the night comparing my hair to every other woman's style and the fun-ness it portrayed. It was final I was going to do something drastic for me. I needed to splurge on myself for once.

How do you instantly grow short hair?

You buy a wig!!! No kidding! The beautiful woman in the photos of this post is a friend of mine who graciously let me steal a couple photos of her wigging out. She began buying wigs a few years ago for the same reason I want to. She was bored with her hair. Her hair is baby fine and does not hold a style well. Therefore, she began wearing wigs.

My friend is a new mom so the ease of sliding on a wig when she decides to change up her hairstyle is one reason she continues to splurge on her "wig addiction". Another bonus is that the average costs of her wigs are $35 so her mommy wallet does not feel the pinch.
Look at her hairline it looks completely natural. When I met this sweet lady over six years ago I never knew she wore wigs, not till recently did I realize. I mean when somebody posts on her Facebook status. My latest wig...  you need to be oblivious.

I looked at Divatress website I was surprised at the many and I do mean MANY styles of wigs they offer. I love that you can get a sassy short hair wig or a long loose curl goddess looking wig. The more color adventurous mom could even purchase a blue wig. Being I have a very more professional business hats I wear a fun colored wig would be ideal for those moments I want to be less serious and be able to be professional the next day when I am officiating a wedding.
Like my gorgeous friend here is modeling the Divatress site carries many of the latest hairstyle trends that others are paying hairdressers hundreds of dollars to accomplish. This wig runs around $35. Such a wallet friendly purchase that you can continually wear with no worry of having to go back to the salon in a few weeks for a refresh.

I don’t know about you but I am totally loving the idea of Wiggin Out!

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