Be Alerted While Baby Sleeps

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In one of my guest posts "Experts Don't Know Bleep About Sleep" I made it very clear that anybody coming to my house and waking my sleeping baby was going to be throat punched. As humorous as some found it, I am still very serious about this. My now 16-month-old daughter still does not sleep
in any pattern for long.

When a representative from Silent Call Communications approached me to review the MyAlert system I was excited.

Silent call Communications' goal is to

"manufacture a high-quality, low cost, low price, affordable alerting system for all types of people" 
-Ed Brink Jr. Key Accounts Manager 

The MyAlert can help the deaf, blind and hard of hearing, seniors, parents trying to wake up their kids in the morning, and for home and commercial applications.

I however instantly thought yes I can be alerted when the doorbell is pressed without waking my daughter and I can be silently alerted when she makes noise.
After negotiations where completed the package was sent and arrived within the week. Inside the boxes was the gray Wireless Multi-Alert Receiver or Chime Unit. I found a rounded Vibration Pad, a small square button box that is the Doorbell Transmitter and the Microphone Transmitter.

After putting batteries in the Transmitters and Chime Unit, I read the instructions on how to set the Doorbell Transmitter to zone one on the Receiver and the Microphone Transmitter to Zone two and how to change the chime sounds, there are many! I placed the receiver on my nightstand connected to the Vibration Pad.
With the Doorbell Transmitter set to zone one on the Receiver in my room, I have the alarm melody set as a barking dog. 
At night, I turn off the sound on the receiver and can be altered by a bright flashing light and the number 1 lighting up. I also have the option to be alerted with the vibration from the rounded Vibration Pad under my pillow.
In my daughter's room, I originally put the Microphone Transmitter on the wall above her bed. Bad idea! The alarms NEVER stopped going off. I then put the Microphone Transmitter on the wall by the door with the carbon monoxide and fire alarms.
Thankfully there are three sound sensitivity levels (hi, med, low). I prefer the low sensitivity level. This level allows my daughter to toss around without me being vibrated awake. At the low sensitivity, I am alerted when my daughter is in her room jabbering quietly to her stuffed animals but not if she sucks her bottle which kept happening when the sensitivity level was on high.
The Microphone Transmitter is set to zone two on the receiver. I am alerted to my daughter being awake during the day with a medium loud chime sound. At night, the vibration of the Vibration Pad and a bright flashing light alerts me
During the time of reviewing the MyAlert System my son became sick. He had a sore throat and was croupy which made it hard for my already soft speaking child to communicate with us. I gave him an old metal bell to ring when he needed help. However, the small bell was not heard on the other side of the hose where I was folding laundry. I found out he was ringing as I was heading to his room with a pile of laundry. He said he had been ringing "forevers".

My husband reminded me of the alert button. We brought it inside wiped it down with a Clorox wipe and placed it next to my son's bed.
Now I was alerted to his needs by the flashing light in my room. I could help him faster and knew that I could continue finishing the tasks I needed to. 
I really enjoyed reviewing the MyAlert System. There are countless ways you could use the system. I like the ability to personalize the system to my liking depending on my families need. 

If you are looking for a flexible family friendly alert system that you do not have to pay monthly for check out the MyAlert System on Facebook. Watch a video on how easy the system works. Checkout Silent Call Communications latest photos at Pinterest and Instagram.

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