Kidioke Review

11:09 AM

 Repetition is something I deal with daily with my toddler. We constantly play the same game over and over again. I read the same books 10 times in an hour. As much as I love my child and love her enthusiasm, this momma's enthusiasm for repetition is gone. However, I have been introduced to an exciting unique book brand called, KIDIOKE MEDIA.

Kidioke Media has incorporated licensed timeless classic songs into a children's sound book. There are three books at this time to choose from, My Girl by The TemptationsWhat a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and Lullabye Written by Billy Joel.

This book is very simple to operate. The child presses the start button on the guitar that is attached on the book and a digital counter begins. The digital counter indicates when it's time for the reader to sing the verse on each page as the song is played in its entirety; the lyrics of the song are the text of the book.

When this book arrived, my toddler was excited for a new book. However once she realized she could press a button and music played she was thrilled! She had to press the button on and off repeatedly. After an hour of her playing with the book on her own we finally experienced the book as it was meant to be enjoyed... start to finish.  We received the title What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I LOVE this song, which is a bonus as I have heard it constantly every day since it arrived.

My Kindergartener has had a different experience with the Kidioke book. He is able to read the digital counter and the numbers on each page so he can follow the lyrics as they are sang by Louis Armstrong himself. The great extra is that when they get tired of reading I can turn on the video of the songs for them to watch.


Another Bonus for this book is the Kidioke Video App. A free video app in which your kids can be recorded while they sing along with a video of the book. Once the app is opened, you will be automatically utilizing the camera on your phone recording your child. They can follow the animated video along and sing along with the bouncing music note. Your recordings (not the animated video) can then be saved, named and shared with loved ones via text or email. Your child is all the receiver of the video will see. Your kids can be Kidioke Stars with whoever sees their video.

It is the first of its kind and has a focus on nostalgia, which is a popular theme in the toy and book world, and it makes the perfect holiday gift. Not completely convinced about how awesome Kidioke Media is yet! Check out other reviews on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Here is also a Groupon for savings on this great gift idea.

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