Helping Children Through Loss

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She Lives In Our Hearts- Helping Children Through Loss Written By Natalie Welanetz

I want to warn people that this post talks about a very sensitive subject, Infant loss. I know many have suffered though this tragic event and it may be hard to read this book review.

As a mother of multiple losses, She Lives In Our Hearts really hits close to home. After the stillbirth of our daughter, we had to explain to my stepson why I was no longer pregnant. The conversation was not an easy one to have with a three year old. We had to make short simple statements for him to understand. We thought he was not able to understand until he would ask a question that confirmed he had heard us and understood what we had said.

She Lives In Our Hearts is geared towards opening the lines of communication between parents and children ages three to six. Helping children through the loss of their sibling is very important for them and for parents also. Although this book is geared towards the loss of a sibling before the child you are talking to, I believe it can also help with talking with a sibling of a current loss. Helping a child understand and deal with the loss can foster personal growth and family connection.

She Lives In Our Hearts is the story of the loss of Max’s baby sister told to him by the family dog. The dog explains to Max that the pictures of the baby in his home are of his baby sister who lives in heaven. The dog explains that his baby sister could not live outside of mommy’s tummy. Max was told it was ok to be sad and to remember his sister.

After the story, there are activity pages for the children and informational pages for parents. There is a page of questions that children might ask with helpful information for parents to understand how to help their child through the loss process.

The last pages are a loving tribute to the author’s dog Belle. Belle’s comfort to her family during the grieving process of losing their baby is the inspiration behind this book.

The very last page of She Lives In Our Hearts- Helping Children Through Loss is about the author Natalie Welanetz. Natalie is an advocate for raising awareness of pregnancy and infant loss. She has founded a nonprofit Organization in South Carolina called Healing Grace Childbirth Services. Natalie is a certified Stillbirth and bereavement doula with a substantial background in healthcare and having experienced stillbirth, she uses these experiences to support families through loss in any trimester.

Healing Grace Child Birth Services help facilitate birth through grace to families affected by perinatal loss and to empower women to face any and all birth situations with hope, and dignity. Their doulas provide continual support for the entire length of pregnancy or time of grieving and will work with clients to help create lasting memories when saying good-bye to their precious child.

If you are interested in purchasing She Lives In Our Hearts for yourself or a friend there are two version available on Amazon the bo
and the Kindle Version, also Kindle unlimited members can read She Lives In Our Hearts for free.

Being an advocate for pregnancy and infant loss awareness myself, I really appreciated reviewing She Lives In Our Hearts- Helping Children Through Loss. I think this is a great resource to help Children and families talk about the loss of a child. I know I will be adding this book to my resources for future clients.

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