30 Days Blog challenge - Day 2

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For the next 30 days I will be posting about a different topic of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge list.
I came across this fun looking challenge at fortheloveto .

I am now inviting you my fellow bloggers to join in with the fun. Please remember to tag me on Twitter so I can read your wonderful posts and I will reshare for you.

Today's challenge:The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Crossing New Bridges is the name of my business.

How Crossing New Bridges got started....

As most little girls do. I used to dream of my future. I was going to be married to a man whom took my last name, he would cook and clean while I was at work. We would live in a two story refurbished home with the white picket fence, a dog, kids and two cars. Not much different from most little girl dreams.

I am blessed to say this is not far from my reality now. The only difference is the husband works, we live in a single story house and the fence is yet to be built. He took my last name, cooks and cleans too, I hit the lotto. Together we have 3 chillians and a fur puppy.

Crossing New Bridges was started in 2002, not as it is today however but strictly as an Event Coordination and Ministry business. The theme was changed in 2014 after my daughter Taylor Lee was born still. I became frantic to find support and realized there were barely any support groups in my area. However, there are tons of webpages about support groups and many other moms out there looking for something more. This is when Crossing New Bridges took on a completely new face and The Healing Through Hope Campaign was born.

During my pregnancy with my daughter Skyler a lot of things were redesigned and we are now beginning a fresh start at with the Healing Through Hope Campaign. This is where my blogging comes into play. I need to get myself established as a valid blogger and get my information out there to make a solid difference with this campaign.

Now that you know my story....come back tomorrow to learn about the habit I wish I did not have.

 Warm Wishes to You and Yours


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