Stop Throwing those Eggs!

11:22 AM

Stop throwing those eggs! This is not something I thought I would be yelling when I brought out the basket of plastic Easter eggs to show some learning activities. 

I could see my 5 year old throwing them but he never throws anything in the living room. However, what I witnessed both surprised and intrigued me. 

This was the first time my 8 month old threw anything! She picked up an innocent purple plastic egg, examined it, looked right at her brother, giggled (no lie) and started an egg fight!

It was the most innocently cute act ever... until her big brother reciprocated! He thankfully is very gentle with his baby sister. However, I believe whenever anything is thrown around a boy (men included) their brains start thinking like dogs. They start bouncing around tails wagging, thinking ball, ball, get the ball! I could literally see the glimmer of excitement in my stepson’s eyes. 

He picked up a pale yellow plastic egg and gently rolled it at his sister. 
She giggled, smiling picked up a dark green egg that landed in her brother's lap.
He could not resist the pull of the figurative ball. His canine calling took over as he began tossing plastic eggs to his baby sister. 
Red, sissy squeals, orange, yellow. Tossing turns into throwing. Purple, pink, sissy is laughing hysterically, green, throwing turns into pitching. Thank God, he missed!

STOP THROWING THOSE EGGS!!! One last dark blue plastic Easter egg is kicked by the baby towards her big brother.

I will admit this was very entertaining to watch. I love watching my kids interact and enjoy each other’s company. I can see their bond growing stronger as each day passes. Big brother is already protective of his little sister. Little sister looks up to big brother for direction and love. I am humbly blessed to be able to watch this bond strengthen as each day passes.

This seemingly innocent event made me realize a few things...
  1.  My 8-month-old daughter is an instigator.
  2.  My 5-year-old stepson has immature impulse control.
  3.  I have amusing children!

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